Thursday, July 30, 2020

The New Way to Go Out to Eat On Long Island

With more businesses reopening this summer, there is a new way of going out to eat that we’ll all have to get used to. And it’s for the best! In order to make sure residents and communities are safe, we must start adjusting to these changes, and make the best of everything. As Long Island begins entering its next few phases, keep these few new expectations in mind: 

Outdoor Seating

One of biggest changes for restaurants right now is that a lot of them are moving their seating outdoors. This ensures they are still adhering to the health guidelines created by the state while still being able to get back to business. Most spots require you to keep your mask on until you are seated, and they must be worn whenever you leave the table. Also, all utensils and kitchenware are brought to your table after you’ve been seated; they don’t set the table before you come. Indoor seating is now open to 50% capacity, so keep that in mind moving forward!

Reservations Required

We’re used to being able to just show up to restaurants and get seating fairly quickly, however now it will be different. If you plan on going out to eat, make sure you make a reservation (if available) at least a few days in advance. People are itching to get out of the house, so many tables might be taken already. Be sure to call and check with the establishment beforehand.

Know Your Options

Although it might be nice to get out of the house, remember that many (if not all) restaurants still have take-out options! If you feel like you’re not ready to go out yet, there’s nothing wrong with that. Order take-out from your favorite place and eat outside with the family right in your very own backyard.

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Thursday, July 23, 2020

4 Things That Might Make Your Property Taxes Go Up

Property taxes are often a huge burden on homeowners, and everyone can agree that no one wants to get an unexpected increase. It’s important to take into account that there are quite a few factors that could lead to that increase in your property taxes-- all of which might take you by surprise. Here’s what every homeowner should know:

1. Additions to Your Home

It’s rare that homes stay the same from when you first moved in. In order to make it more personal, you might plan construction or even additions to the home. However, depending on the job, it may cause your property taxes to rise. Especially if these changes alter the square footage of your home.

2. Moving to a New Area

Depending on the town, city, or state, your rates will change when you move to someplace new. Even if you move to an area that seems of comparable value to where you used to live, rates will still be different. You should discuss municipalities and rates with your realtor before making any decisions.

3. Increased Home Sales in Your Area

More sales around you means more of an increase in taxes for that area. Towns and cities change every day, so keep track of your local community’s information. That also includes construction and demolitions, as well as amenities such as parks and lakes.

4. Local or State Changes

Your local and state budgets affect you and your neighborhood everyday. Some changes, such as edits to public services, can cause your property taxes to increase suddenly. Both funding services and cutting services will affect your taxes, too.

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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Summer Renovation Projects

Your home could always use some sprucing up for summer, and though we might be midway through the season, you can still add some beach like decor and add-ons. If you’re not sure where to get started, we have the perfect list for you:

Add a Sunroom

If you want to still soak in the sun without having to spend too much time outdoors, a sunroom is the perfect addition. It’s a sweet little spot for relaxing and enjoying summer, all from the comfort of your own home. It even can be utilized all year long.

Replace Windows

Your old windows can be dirty, scratched up, and ready for a change. Summer is the perfect time to replace these because you’ll want to let the sunlight in all day long and this quick fix ups your home’s value easily. Not only that, but it’s warm enough outside that I can be done fairly quickly, with interruptions from the fickle weather forecast.

Pick Any Room To Upgrade

Why not take advantage of the beautiful weather and get started on a room renovation project. From your kitchen to your bedroom, upgrades can never hurt! You can decorate the new spot to match a more summer aesthetic, bringing your home to life.

Pretty Up The Outside

Your lawns need a little love this season too. Take this time to finally add in that garden or deck you have been dreaming about. Or, take time to keep your greenery clean so that your house looks just as beautiful outside as it does inside.

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Monday, July 6, 2020

The Strength of Long Island

No act of kindness is too small. Long Islanders, we can proudly say that there are many dedicated and generous people who are always putting their community’s needs first. And though these past few months have been brand new territory for us all, there are still many local heroes that found a way to contribute. Here are some you should know about:

Mateo Solis

For Mateo’s 10th birthday, he decided that instead of gifts he wanted to start a fundraising campaign for those affected by the coronavirus. His family helped decorate their front lawn in celebratory decor, and he set up his booth for donations. He ended up raising around $1,109.14 in donations — a birthday well spent!

The Watson Family

This family of five made sure that there was enough food for everyone to go around. Amy Watson, who works at the Locust Valley Central School District, knew first hand how difficult it was for some families who relied on daily school meals. And so, a food drive was created, and she and her family gave meals to those in need all over the island.

The Cooper Sisters

There’s nothing sweeter than receiving letters from those who know how to brighten your day. Abigail and Emma Cooper worked day and night decorating cards and writing letters. Since nursing homes weren't allowed to have visitors, the sisters sent the messages to the Acadia Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Riverhead. Their letters made all the difference for the residents there!

The Greenport Community

It is hard for those in quarantine to get the necessary supplies they need at home. Penelope Rudder understands just that and gathered a group of residents in Greenport to help deliver groceries and more to those who could not leave their homes. The community was very grateful!

From the individual to an entire community, anything can be done through perseverance and compassion. We are Long Island Strong!

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