Friday, February 24, 2017

Only TWO Weeks Left to File For Nassau Residents!

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If you were focused on procrastinating your property taxes, you are finally in luck! The deadline was recently pushed back to March 10th, which gives you TWO more weeks to file. It only takes a few minutes and it could help you save BIG on next year's taxes. Be sure to fill out your application this weekend. 

Your Neighbors Are Saving! 
We are not a bunch of freelancers trying to make it. P.T.R.C. Inc. has been helping Long Islanders with their property taxes for twenty-seven years and this year is no different. We have helped your neighbors secure MILLIONS of dollars in refunds and we want to serve you a piece of the pie. Come eat!
Why only 28 Days? 
As is the case with most of our history, we can date this tradition back to Rome. Their calendar originally only had ten months with January and February being left out. When Emperor Pompilius decided to make the year 12 months long, he added February as a 28 day month. It was never changed because this was a month where they celebrated death and misfortune. That is why you have less time to file! 
Fill Out Your Application! 
You can fill out your grievance application online on our website. It only takes a few minutes and there is no payment or obligation needed on your end. What have you got to lose? 
Important March 10th Events
March 10th is the new Nassau County deadline and it is also a pretty important day in history. March 10th was the day that Alexander Graham Bell made the first call on his telephone in 1876. To this day, the telephone stands as one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind. 

Here at P.T.R.C. Inc., we ONLY get paid if you receive a reduction. This unique payment structure makes our team put in unmatched effort and determination to get you the reduction you deserve. If you have any questions about how the process works, feel free to call us at 516-484-0654 or send us an email at 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What You Need to Know About the New Nassau Deadline

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nassau county deadline- grievance application

When: March 10, 2017
Where: You can fill out a grievance application on our website now! It is a fast and easy process that requires no obligations from you-- only a small amount of your time. 
Why: County Executive Ed Mangano has come under recent investigation for his involvement in a fraud case regarding Harendra Singh. Mangano still stands trial and has pleaded not guilty, but there are several issues on his plate at the moment. There are also questions about a tax shift in Nassau County and a possible reassessment of certain properties in the area. For these reasons, legislators felt that an extension was necessary and this is great news if you were late to the party. We will be accepting applications until the morning of March 10th! 
How: As we said earlier, the process is simple and easy and it requires no payment or obligations from the homeowner. Here is a brief overview of how the process works: 
  • You'll submit your signed application online and wait for confirmation from us. 
  • For Nassau County residents, we will submit your application to the Assessment Review Commission (ARC). 
  • If we don't receive the reduction here, we will take the grievance to the Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) and we have been VERY successful here. 
  • We will handle all the logistics. The market analysis, the paperwork, the phone calls and any other complications that may arise will be handled by our team of experts. When it comes time for a reduction, you will either receive a deduction on your taxes or a refund check for the money you are owed. 
If you're ready to get started, visit our website to access the Nassau County application. If any questions might come to you later, feel free to reach out to our team by calling 516-484-0654 or send an email to Our team is looking forward to helping you save! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Popular President's Week Vacation Spots

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Presidents Week| Tax Reductions

The rush of the holidays and the dull period after them leads us to the President's Day vacations. Some families head south for the warmth, and others choose to enjoy the winter activities. It is the busiest time of year for ski resorts, but if you want to get away from it all and celebrate some history, these destinations are perfect for you!

Birthday Parade (Alexandria, Virginia) 
For those of you who don't know, that extra week off in February is not for no good reason. President's Day is a day we celebrate the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln-- two of the most important men in American history. If you want to stay on the patriotic theme, this parade is a great place to take an aspiring historian. The city of Alexandria provides great family entertainment and this mini-vacation is sure to dazzle.
Explore a National Park (USA) 
Did you know that several national parks actually offer free admission on President's Day Weekend? It's the least they could do to pay tribute to the men who helped create them. Some parks like Yellowstone are very cold and under heavy snow at this time of year, so you might want to look to the west coast. Joshua Tree is a great destination! 
Historic Philadelphia (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) 
The city of Philadelphia has so much history that you can basically go through the entire revolutionary era in a single day. They have Independence Hall, the Constitution Center, the Betsy Ross House and the Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District. You can get lost in all the American History. 
Mohonk Mountain House (New Paltz, New York) 
This massive castle stands atop the Mohonk Mountains and it is a can't miss attraction. The views, the lake and the snow activities are great for the whole family and there is a spa for couples to relax and enjoy themselves. The castle has been owned by the same family since the Victorian era and their hospitality is second to none. 

Are these vacations not up your alley? Feel free to write to us on our Facebook page and let us know how you'll be spending the time off! 

P.T.R.C. Inc. has been helping Long Island homeowners reduce their property taxes since 1990. for information about how to file a tax grievance or how P.T.R.C. Inc. can help, please call 516/631-484-0654 or email 

Monday, February 13, 2017

THREE Reasons to Love P.T.R.C. Inc. This Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day| Tax reductions| Filing a Tax Grievance

Are you going through another lonely Valentine's Day or are you and your spouse just laying low this year? If so, you could always ask the P.T.R.C. Inc. team out for a night on the town. Our dates are a little unique, so if you are interested, keep reading to learn more about us! 

Saving, Not Spending 
Most Valentine's Day dates cost you a fortune, but we're cheap and we will even SAVE you cash. If you fill out a tax grievance application on our website, odds are you'll be saving and we don't plan any games. For over 27 years we have been going on dates with Long Island homeowners and thousands of them have come away with BIG savings. We are a very popular date in Nassau and Suffolk County so fill out your application now before it's too late!
No Commitment 
Unlike most people, a date with the tax professionals at P.T.R.C. Inc. comes with no strings attached. We don't charge any fees up front and you only have to pay when you get PAID. We take a small percentage of your tax reduction for our team and you reap the large part of the rewards. We handle all the paperwork and our relationships in the industry have helped secure millions of dollars in reductions for our clients. But like we said earlier, our dates don't last forever and we are only available until March 10th for Nassau County homeowners. 
We will have your back throughout the entire tax reduction process. From the review boards to the small claims reviews, our team of experts will use all of the tools at our disposal to get you the lowest numbers the law will allow. You can trust P.T.R.C. Inc!

If you're still interested in going out on a date, we would love to, you don't even have to ask. All you have to do is go to our website and fill out a grievance application. We will send you an email to confirm your application and then we can set something up! 

If you're old school and would prefer a phone call, call us at 516/631-484-0654. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

What Factors Affect My Property Taxes?

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property taxes- tax grievance

We can tell you whatever you want to know about property taxes and that knowledge comes from years of experience in the industry. Twenty-seven to be exact, and we have evolved and transformed with the market throughout the years. No matter what the current state of the economy is, P.T.R.C. Inc. has always been successful in earning reductions for our clients. So as we get into the heart of tax season, we thought it would be cool to tell you a little more about your property taxes! 

Value of Property
This is perhaps the factor that impacts your property taxes the most. The local taxing authority, in this case Nassau and Suffolk County, will come to your home and perform an appraisal on your property. They determine the value by looking at the size of your property in proportion to the rest of your community. Then they look at your home and the improvements or work that it might need. Is there a new bathroom or kitchen? Did the owner recently add an extension to the home? All of these things will come into play when assessing property value.
Tax Rate 
The property tax rate may be expressed as a percentage or as a millage rate. One 'mill' has a value of $1 for every $1000 your property is worth, Taxing authorities determine tax rate by multiplying the assessed value of the property by the mill rate and then dividing by 1000. The purpose of the millage rate is to evenly divide school and government funding amongst homeowners. 
Assessed Value
Local taxing authorities might undersell the value of your home in a weak economy to help stimulate spending, but this is not always the case. The value of your home might be higher or lower during a government appraisal compared to a private appraisal, so this value doesn't necessarily reflect your properties exact value. As we said earlier, a number of different factors can impact your appraisal value. Locations that run along busy roads are often given tax breaks because they are less desirable on the market. 

Long Island property taxes are particularly high because of the value of the suburban properties. Located near beaches, cities and farms, both Nassau ans Suffolk County provide some of the most expensive property in all of the United States. If you want to keep those expensive property taxes in check, just reach out to P.T.R.C. Inc. and we can help. 

To file a tax grievance, call 516/631-484-0654 or click here! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tips for a First Time Homeowner

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home buying tips- nassau county tax grievance

Being a first time homeowner is no easy task. There's a whole new mess of bills to pay, maintenance to perform and not to mention the financial burden of it all. This can cause some people to have anxiety and not appreciate the excitement of the process. The best thing to do in this situation is take a step back, breathe, and follow the guidelines to buying and maintaining your first real home! 

Think Long Term Re-Sale 
You need to think of your first home as an investment the same way you would a stock or bond. As a young person, you have a long working history ahead of you and you can afford to take on more risk than a person who is getting ready for retirement. Keep this in mind when comparing a fixer upper to a finished product. While the fixer upper might be riskier, it has more valuable long term benefits for a young buyer.
Make a Maintenance List
The biggest struggle for new, inexperienced homeowners is keeping up with the day-to-day operations of a home. The plumbing, heating, cooling and pest maintenance along with the cleaning and smaller tasks. For this we suggest making a maintennace schedule before every season. Were the gutters checked, is the furnace ready for the winter, can I get the snowblower out of the garage? These are all things you need to ask yourself to stay ahead of potential headaches and repair fees.  
Consult a Veteran 
Your parents or guardian have gotten you this far and this is just one more task you should lean on them for. In all likelihood, they have owned a home for decades and they know a thing or two about buying, selling and upkeep. RESPECT their opinion and always remember that experience breeds knowledge and they can really be a great resource as you head into the real estate world. 
Don't Be Passive
If there is a deal on the table for a home you really like, snatch it up before someone else does. When it comes to real estate, a good property in a good community is not easy to come by and it is always going to hold value. We are not suggesting that you go into an unreasonable amount of debt, but if a few thousand dollars is the sticking point, try to negotiate your way into the home. Channel your inner Shark Tank! 

Did these tips help? We hope they reached you BEFORE the freak out and we want you to know that P.T.R.C. Inc, will be here for you every step of the way. One tip we left out that could be a HUGE help id filing your tax grievances with us in the coming weeks. The Nassau County deadline is now March 10th and we are still accepting applications today. 

To learn more about the application process, call 516/631-484-0654 or file here! 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Best Places to Watch the Big Game in the Big City

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tax reductions| Super Bowl Party

With the Nassau County Tax Grievance deadline approaching, the Super Bowl could not come at a better time. It will be nice to sit back, relax and enjoy the party with friends and family before we get back to the grind of tax season. If you would like to get in on the fun, check out these awesome NYC party spots»

Miss Lily's 
  • $1 Jerk Chicken Wings 
  • $3 Sorrel-Glazed Spare Ribs 
  • 6 Red Stripes for $30
This Caribbean food joint is quaint, fun and delicious! Their Super Bowl party features a number of different specials listed above and you can't beat the company. If you're looking for good food, good times and good people, this is a great place to be! 

  • $12 Night Shift Nachos 
  • 10 Wings for $18 
  • Growlers for the Table! 
This is Eli's very first Super Bowl Bash and it is sure to be memorable. This eatery features a number of different items for snacking while you enjoy their delicious craft beer. Feel free to be a part of history as Eli's very first Super Bowl guests. 

  • Pro Bowl Package: $40 for wings, hush puppies and Coors Light drafts. 
  • Pro Package: $60 for open bar and buffet style food options. 
All three of Brother Jimmy's locations will be hosting this year and it is certain to be a hit. This is certainly more of a racous crowd, but if you are into that sort of thing, this is the place to be. 

  • Kick Off Package $125
  • Field Goal Package $150
  • Touchdown Package $200
The Ainsworth can accommodate parties of 12, 20 and 25 people and the food is out of this world. There are sandwiches, salads, pastas and even a French Onion Burger that you need to see to believe. The package deals are going fast and if you are a foodie, this is the spot to be. 

Tell us where you'll be watching on our Facebook page! And don't forget to fill out your Nassau or Suffolk County Tax Grievance Application! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tackle Your Tax Reductions With P.T.R.C. Inc.

Property Tax Reduction Consultants
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tax reductions- Nassau County Tax Grievance

Though football season may officially be over, we thought it would still be fun to tell you how you can TACKLE your tax reductions with us at P.T.R.C. Inc.

Now it might not be the same thing as trying to tackle Saquon Barkley, but your property taxes are big and we want to take them down. But instead of size and strength, we use our experience and knowledge of the Long Island property tax field to outsmart those pesky taxes.

Here's how we can help»

Step 1: You file a grievance on our website! 
Step 2: We take your appeal to the Board of Assessment Review in Suffolk, or the Assessment Review Commission in Nassau. 
Step 3: If we're denied here, we will take your case to the Small Claims Assessment Review where we have been extremely successful. 
Step 4: We will handle all of the details during the review process so you can sit back and relax. But we must warn you, this is not an overnight process which is why you NEED to file now! 
Step 5: You will receive your reduction in the form of an adjusted tax bill or in a refund check. Sometimes they will even do a little bit of both. But regardless, these taxes need to be tackled! 

We have been helping clients in the Long Island area for almost 30 years and during that time we have secured MILLIONS of dollars in reductions. Our experience and our relationships in the industry make us the can't miss service for the tax season. And wait, we haven't even told you the best part yet... 

We ONLY get paid if you receive a reduction. If you are denied for whatever reason, there will be no fee or obligation attached to you. What this also does is it ensures that our team is going to work their absolute hardest throughout the process to get you the best reduction possible. If they don't, nobody saves and nobody gets paid. 

Tackling your tax reductions is just like tackling Mr. Saquon Barkley. Sometimes you need some help! We have been helping clients in Nassau and Suffolk County for over a quarter-century and we are not stopping anytime soon. The deadline to file is quickly approaching and we don't want you to fall behind. 

If you have any questions, please call 516/631-484-0654 or email us at! 

*This blog has been updated 2/6/19