Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Places to Visit on Long Island This Summer 2022


It’s hard to believe, but summer is less than a month away! We’re gearing up for some seasonal fun this year, and luckily Long Island has plenty of ways to enjoy your time. Truly, nothing beats summer on our beautiful island. So here are some of the perfect spots that you can’t miss out on this year:


From the Montauk Point Lighthouse to the many famous restaurants throughout, Montauk is a must for Long Islanders in summer! With its large Montauk Point State Park, perfect for walks in the nice weather, as well as the many beautiful beaches to relax on, it’s no wonder it’s such a popular summertime destination for both native Long Islanders and tourists alike.

Long Island Wine Country

Are you looking to taste the best in local wine? Long Island has an extensive wine trail, with many wineries welcoming wine enthusiasts during the summer months. With 57 distinct wine producers, all divided between the North Fork, South Fork, and western Suffolk County, you can enjoy the sips and tastes while supporting our local economies.

From fun wine wagons to guided bike tours, it’s never a dull moment at Long Island Wine Country!


Is it really summertime if you don’t go to the beach? One of the best parts about Long Island is that we are surrounded by water, thus leading to many beautiful beaches! They are spread throughout — stretching from north and south shore and all the way out east. Nassau and Suffolk County residents can find their favorite beach to visit this season.

Fairs and Festivals

Something very special about Long Island is our constant support of neighborhoods and small businesses. This year, throughout the island, residents are invited to participate in various fairs and festivals coming up. It’s a wonderful way to get together and enjoy our perfectly grand island.

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Friday, May 20, 2022

Why Are My Property Taxes Higher Than My Neighbor's?


Property taxes can be a tricky subject. What's the difference between what you pay and your neighbor pays? Why are my property taxes higher than my neighbors? Property taxes differ from person to person, and many factors come into play when determining them. These factors include:

Square Footage

How property taxes work is that they are calculated based on the assessed value of your home and the mileage rate for the area you live in. Typically, houses with larger square footage and cost more will have to pay more in property taxes.

Difference in Assessments

Another reason for the difference in property taxes is due to the assessment. If you live in a newer house, chances are that your home was assessed at a higher value than your neighbor's. Older homes may be, on average, lower-valued, but this is not always the case as well.

County Policies

Different counties will assess tax rates differently based on their policies. Property tax rates vary by county, school district, type of property (residential vs. commercial), and the type of service provided. Property tax rates also change when local budgets do not have enough revenue to provide services or maintain public infrastructure such as roads, bridges, schools, etc., resulting in varying property taxes.

Additions to Your Home

That's right — anything from a pool to higher fences or even an extension on your property could result in higher property taxes. So if your humble abode has more amenities than your neighbors, you're probably going to have higher taxes.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

5 Planner Tips for Beginners


Having an organized planner and schedule is the key to success – regardless of your industry, having this will ensure you don't miss out on important dates and events that may impact your performance. A great way to stay on top of things is to use some basic planner tips to better organize your day-to-day life and career and focus on what matters. Check out these five planner tips below!

Use a Planner Often

It may not seem important to write notes or ideas in your planner, but the more you use it, the easier it will be to remember essential items. The key is to get into a routine of using your planner daily and filling it with appointments, meetings, and other events.

You'll also want to regularly keep track of deadlines, tasks, and goals to make sure they're being met on time. Before long, all of these small details will become second nature — and before you know it, planning ahead won't feel like an extra chore!

Don't Overwhelm Yourself With Too Many Ideas

A planner is an excellent way to get organized, but you could also easily overwhelm yourself if there's too much going on. It's important to make sure your calendar doesn't become too packed — and that you don't feel like it's impossible to fit everything in. If that happens, chances are that you won't use it as often as possible and will quickly lose interest in keeping it up-to-date.

Work Smart, Not Hard

You have a planner for a reason — it's here to help you work smarter, not harder! If you're struggling with productivity, take some time to plan out exactly what needs to be done and when. The more organized you are, the less stressed and overwhelmed you'll feel.

Reflect on Your Day

Having a planner on hand also allows you to recollect your day. Reflecting is important because it helps us identify what went well and what didn't and use that information to plan better for the future.

For example, maybe you planned out how many hours of work you wanted to get done each day but couldn't follow through with that goal due to unforeseen circumstances. Reflecting on these unplanned events helps us figure out how we can avoid them in the future or deal with them more effectively when they arise again.

Mark Important Dates

It's nearly impossible to keep up with all your important dates that come up throughout the week daily. From meetings to doctor's appointments, your calendar should appropriately mark significant events. This leads us to your reminder for this month: the Suffolk County grievance deadline is coming up!

Mark your calendar for May 17, 2022, and be sure to get your applications in well before this date!

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