Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Nassau County’s Filing Deadline is a Month Away


Attention Nassau County! Your filing deadline period is about a month away, on April 30th, 2021! Do you have everything you need to get started?

Don’t miss out on the potential of lowering your property taxes. All applications must be received by 2 pm on Friday, April 30th, so get yourself started through us!

How Does It Work?

You submit your signed application, and then, hopefully, you will receive a confirmation from P.T.R.C., Inc. that we received your application within the deadline and you’re eligible to file the grievance application. We will represent you before the Assessment Review Commission (A.R.C.) in Nassau County. Based on the decision rendered by the A.R.C., we will either accept the reduction or we will proceed to Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR). SCAR is the only way to obtain a reduction if denied at the board level. However, we have proven highly successful here! A $30 court filing fee is required for SCAR to purchase an index number which guarantees your case to be heard.

P.T.R.C., Inc. will purchase the index number and complete all necessary paperwork on your behalf. Once your appeal is filed, it is up to the Supreme Court to schedule a hearing (This can take up to several months because of the numerous SCAR appeals being filed).

Once Successful…

Once successful, depending on the municipality and your hearing date, a reduction granted can be reflected/adjusted in several ways. Such as, the deduction can be reflected on your tax bills, in which case you would pay your taxes based on the lowered assessed value, and thus, no refund will be due to you. Another method would be that a refund check can be issued for any overpayment of taxes due to the reduction. An additional process can be a partial adjustment in your assessed value and a partial refund. Many factors can influence how the different municipalities reflect/adjust your property tax bill each municipality, and reduction can be unique.

All we need is your application, and we’ll take care of the rest! And remember: we only charge for successful cases.

Here at P.T.R.C., Inc., we are determined to help our clients pay the lowest amount of property tax as required by law. Contact us today to see how we can help you:

Monday, March 22, 2021

Property Taxes: Expectations vs. Reality


Sometimes, your property taxes aren't always a straightforward topic. A lot of factors determine your payments such as your location, employment status, and old or current construction and renovation projects. Homeowners tend to have many expectations regarding their property taxes, but we're here to debunk some common myths and misconceptions to help you remember the realities surrounding your home.

Expectation: All That's Needed is the Down Payment to Own a Home

Reality: There are so many other factors that play into buying a home for the first time. Many new homeowners tend to forget to factor property taxes into their budget completely. That's not the only extra fee; there are appraisal fees, legal fees, and title insurance.

Expectation: Your Property Taxes Won't Change Yearly

Reality: Your tax bill can change each year due to changes in your school district or local government budgets, revenue, total assessed value, and tax rates. Tax rates generally increase every year, so even if your assessment remains unchanged, your taxes increase. From there, you need to multiply your property's assessment (your review minus any exemptions) by the tax rates issued by your school district, municipalities, counties, and special districts to see what you owe in full for property taxes this year.

Expectation: You Can't Lower Those Numbers

Reality: You can get your property taxes lowered; just file a property tax grievance with our help! Here at P.T.R.C., Inc., our main objective is to minimize our client's property tax assessment with personalized service.

Expectation: Applying On Your Own is Easy

Reality: While you can apply by yourself, most homeowners are unprepared and unaware of the information and evidence needed to represent themselves for a property tax hearing successfully. We'd be happy to help!

Expectation: You'll Still Get Charged Even if Your Case is Turned Down

Reality: We don't charge for unsuccessful cases! Your property taxes will remain unchanged, there are no penalties, and you can file again next year if you choose, so the process comes at no risk to you. It's worth the effort to try!

Property Tax Reduction on Long Island

Here at P.T.R.C., Inc., we are determined to help our clients pay the lowest amount of property tax as required by law. Contact us today to see how we can help you:

Monday, March 15, 2021

Lucky Home Superstitions


There are plenty of unlucky superstitions for homes, but there’s rarely any talk of all the lucky ones. If you want to keep your home a place of good fortune, and maybe avoid common issues homeowners face, then we’ve got you covered. Follow this list for some great ways to make your home lucky as we move into the new season.

Mirror Placement

Be careful where you place your mirrors! It is said that mirrors capture energy, so if you have your mirrors facing the outside, they can capture the good energy that comes from nature. This doesn’t always carry over for ones in washrooms or bedrooms, but it’s important to note that you should never have a mirror facing your bed. It’s said to bring bad luck and maybe even cause nightmares.

Try a Salt Lamp

These decorative lights have gained much popularity in recent years. They are carved out of pink Himalayan salt and emit a gentle light that’s perfect for bedrooms or living rooms. But, they aren’t just decoration pieces! They are known for their many health benefits, supposedly being able to clean out your home’s air, soothe allergies, boost your mood, and promote better sleep. And what’s luckier than that?

Elephant Decoration

Elephants are said to bring good fortune and protection in many cultures. It’s common for new homeowners to decorate their house with some elephant-themed pieces since having many can go a long way. Not only that, but they help add a little bit of personality to any room.

Critters and the Future

Did you know that certain critters you see throughout the day while at home could mean different fortunes? It is said that having a bee in your home represents a fire sometime down the road and that a bird slamming into a window is an omen of bad luck to come. But, one that might be the most interesting, seeing ants in your home represents financial fortune.

While it seems like an interesting concept, we don’t think anyone wants to deal with pesky critters in their home, no matter the kind of luck they’ll bring. Luckily for you, you can call up an exterminator to deal with those ants and still have a financial fortune. Just give us a call to start saving money!
Property Tax Reduction on Long Island

Here at P.T.R.C., Inc., we are determined to help our clients pay the lowest amount of property tax as required by law. Contact us today to see how we can help you:

Friday, March 5, 2021

How To Bring Back Curb Appeal After Winter


There's much debate about whether or not winter is a pretty month. Though not much grows, snow and other conditions have the capability to be beautiful. But how much do these weather conditions do for your curb appeal? As we begin to rush towards spring, we can start to look forward to some gorgeous spring weather and, in turn, better curb appeal. Here are some ways you can start bringing back your home's appeal after a long winter:

Mailbox Makeover

Spring is the season of change, so why not change up the look of your old mailbox? Especially if you have had it for a while, sprucing up the paint and design can make for a fun project. Since it's one of the first things people see when they approach your house, it will positively impact your curb appeal if it looks brand new and fancy!

Add More Plants

For that perfect pop of color, aim to plant a few new flowers around your home this spring! We'll be seeing many plants bloom, so a simple yet elegant flower can do so much for your house's curb appeal. Be sure to research what kinds will bloom the best where you live and whether or not they'll return next year.

Powerwash Grime

There's not much cleaning to be done during winter due to freezing temperatures, but now is your chance to give your home and its surrounding area a deep clean. Powerwash your siding, driveway, and sidewalk to give your house a pristine look. Your curb appeal will flourish this spring, thus increasing your home's value!

Property Tax Reduction on Long Island

Here at P.T.R.C., Inc., we are determined to help our clients pay the lowest amount of property tax as required by law. Contact us today to see how we can help you:

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Can Renovations and Home Additions Affect My Property Taxes?


When it comes to embarking on a new renovation project, future tax bills are usually not the first thing homeowners think about. However, remodels and renovations can significantly increase your home's value, which eventually may increase the amount at which it is assessed. To make a long story short, estimated value leads right to your property taxes. Here's what to consider before starting that new project:

Additions to Your Home

If you're adding a new room to your home or increasing a space you already have, it's more than likely that you'll see an increase in your next property tax bill. This is because once your house's square footage becomes more extensive, the assessed value will also increase. Even something as simple as adding an HVAC system throughout different rooms can cause square footage to change.

Big Renovation Projects

Say you want to expand your home and add an entirely new room or section to it, you can be sure to see the numbers go up in your property taxes! Not only that, but you will probably need to check with your town to ensure that every code meets their particular requirements. Extensions and home renovations are a tricky process, so be prepared to do additional research.

Upgrades and Improvements

Sometimes even the little things, such as adding a garden to your yard or building a shed, can cause your assessed value to surge. They might not seem like noticeable improvements, and keep in mind these won't always bump up your value. However, something that is sure to cause your property taxes to increase would be adding a pool or large deck. These are easier to spot, thus adding more value to your property.

Property Tax Reduction on Long Island

Here at P.T.R.C., Inc., we are determined to help our clients pay the lowest amount of property tax as required by law. Contact us today to see how we can help you:

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

How To Get Organized Before Tax Season


April will be here before you know it, and along with it, tax season. It might seem like a dreadful and stress-filled period, but if you prepare yourself well beforehand, you can handle it better than you may realize. The key to a smooth tax season is organization, so make sure you keep these tips in mind as we slowly approach April.

Create a Filing System

It’s vital to keep everything organized in your filing system. Whether that is using folders, post-it notes, or online documents, you want to make it easy to go back and find whatever you need. You should back up any vital information and paperwork stored on your computer so that technical issues don’t come in the way in any case of an audit.

Utilize Tax Filing Programs

There are so many useful programs these days made to help you through tax season. From online options to getting help from a personal accountant, take advantage of the choices around you. It’s a stressful season, so a little help goes a long way!

Keep Track of Receipts

You can keep the guesswork out of filing your taxes if you keep on top of your receipts, especially on more significant purchases. Write down the reason for each expense and keep your receipts organized along with your filing system. It comes in handy when you’re scrambling to finish filing everything.

Mark Important Tax Dates

Sure, we all know April 15th is tax day, but you should mark important dates for local taxes as well. This includes making sure you receive your W-2, 1098, and 1099 forms on time. Keep everything marked on a calendar, so you’re not pushing last-minute deadlines and making things more stressful for yourself.

Speaking of deadlines, the Nassau County grievance filing deadline through us is April 30th, 2021. It will be here soon, so make sure you fill out a form on our website so we can help you pay the lowest amount legally possible on your property taxes this year!

Our clients benefit directly from the close working relationships we have established with the assessing units throughout the years! Contact us today to get started and see the difference we can make for your property taxes.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Valentine’s Day Gifts From The Heart


Scrambling to think of a last-minute gift for Valentine's Day is stressful, especially if you're unsure what to get your partner. But, not every gift on this holiday needs to be big and fancy. Most times, as long as the gift was made with love, your significant other will appreciate it no matter what. Here are some unique ideas for this holiday and the perfect presents you can go with:


Cook Up Something Special

Nothing gets to somebody's heart the way cooking does! When you cook or bake for your partner, it serves as an extra special gift that buying something online can't-- it's made entirely by you. So consider making a meal or dessert you both love and have a perfect Valentine's dinner together.

D.I.Y. Gifts

In the mood to get arts and craftsy? Spend a little extra time creating something handmade and from the heart for your partner this year. Consider mason jar bouquets decorated with origami or paper-mache flowers. Or even a custom candy box filled with their favorite chocolates and more. From engraved candles to handmade coffee sleeves, let your creativity run wild and head over to your local craft store to get started!

Custom Designs

For something exceptional just for your significant other, you can get some custom-designed items just for them. Jewelry with their name or birthstone printed on them, cups and mugs with photos of the two of you, or even blankets and pillows with special memories placed on them! There are many places where you can create a gift just for the one you love, helping to make this an extra special Valentine's Day.

Here at P.T.R.C., Inc., we are determined to help our clients pay the lowest amount of property tax as required by law. Contact us today to see how we can help you: