Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Here's Everything You Need to Know About The Nassau Deadline Extension


As many of you know by now, your grievance deadlines are coming around the corner. As we get closer and closer to filing and tax season, it can be a lot of information to take in all at once. That is why we’re here to break down everything you’ll need to know about the upcoming extended Nassau County deadline and how we can help lower your property taxes!

Change in Deadline Date

You might have seen this already, but the Nassau County grievance deadline date was changed to May 2nd, 2022. You now have some extra time to file for a property tax grievance! Applications must be received in our office by 1 P.M. that day, so now is your chance to start planning ahead. If you live in a village, please contact our office to find out if P.T.R.C., Inc. can file for your village and their specific deadline.

How to Apply

It might seem daunting, but filing with us is easy! It all starts with submitting your signed application. From there, you will receive confirmation from P.T.R.C., Inc. that we received your application within the deadline, and that you’re eligible to file the grievance application. And then, from there, we take care of the grievance process for you.

What Will You Need?

All you need is to fill out the application form on our website, and we’ll handle the rest for you! We’ll represent you before the Assessment Review Commission (A.R.C.) in Nassau County, and from there, we’ll address any issues that arise as the process continues.

How We Can Help

With the latest data, technology, strategy, and negotiation skills, we work to simplify the process of reducing your property taxes. Keep in mind that this is not an overnight process, which is why the sooner you get your application in, the better. We will appear on your behalf and present all the needed evidence to succeed.

And the best part? You can send in your application for the next year to continue reducing your property taxes.

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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day


Whether or not you are planning on making Valentine’s Day plans with that special someone, it’s still important to take care of yourself too! Give yourself something nice, spoil yourself rotten, and be kind to those around you as well. It might not often be that you go out of your way to treat yourself, so we have some easy and everyday tips to remember this upcoming weekend for all your self-care needs! 

Spa Day

There is no better way to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day than with some rest and relaxation. A spa day is a perfect way to take some time to yourself. Whether you want a full-body massage, a facial, or even just an afternoon of lounging in the sauna and hot tub, there are many ways to enjoy your day at the spa.

Make Yourself Breakfast in Bed

Staying in bed all day long is also a great option to treat yourself! And what’s better than starting the day with breakfast in bed. Whip something up quickly and hop back under those covers to enjoy a fresh meal while cozying up in your warm blankets.

Spend On Items You’ve Had Your Eyes On

Listen, that item that you’ve had on your wishlist for forever now is calling your name this Valentine’s Day. Give yourself the gift of spending a little extra. Even consider buying it beforehand so that once the actual holiday rolls around, you can open it the day of!

Indulge in Your Favorites

From your favorite wines to your favorite foods, sometimes the best way to treat yourself is with some good eats. You can share this with a loved one or just indulge in all your choices yourself. Either way, fantastic food is a great way to boost your mood.

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Friday, February 4, 2022

Benefits of a Property Tax Grievance


Property taxes are often seen as an annoying monthly bill that is hard to understand. It's no wonder, then, that many people want to file a grievance to get their property tax lowered. A property tax grievance can reduce your yearly costs and make it easier to plan your budget each month. We'll go over what benefits come from filing a grievance below!

The Process is Easy

The filing process can be easy, which means that it's worth taking advantage of this opportunity before tax season starts this year. When you file a grievance through us, our team of experts is here to ensure the process is smooth and easy to understand. While it can be a long process, we handle all the hard parts — all you need to do is apply!

However, regardless of when your case is settled, the results will always be retroactive to the beginning of the tax year for which you filed your property tax grievance.

Helps Combat Over-Assessments

Often, homeowners file a property tax grievance when an over-assessment occurs. Whether your assessment information was incorrect or outdated, the grievance process will find these blights and help get your property taxes lowered.

More Benefits to Selling Your Home

If you're planning on selling your home sometime in the near future, then filing for a property tax grievance could come with benefits. Even though it can be a long process, getting your taxes lowered on your home can make your property more appealing to potential buyers. When calculating their monthly mortgage payments, most prospective homeowners take property taxes into account!

Lower Monthly Mortgage Payments

With property taxes taking up most of your monthly mortgage payments, filing a grievance will benefit you greatly. Taking advantage of this opportunity helps lift a burden off both your shoulders and your wallet.

Just make sure you're working with a highly reputable property tax consultant agency like P.T.R.C., Inc. The Nassau County filing deadline is coming up soon, so make sure to apply soon! 

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Monday, January 31, 2022

Buying or Selling a Home in Winter: What You Should Know


The winter months can be a great time to buy or sell a home — as long as you plan accordingly. The holidays have passed, people are beginning to go back to work after the long holiday break, and more properties will be available for sale than any other month of the year. But, it's not all a walk in the park. If you're looking to buy or sell your home this winter, it's important to know what you'll be up against and how best to prepare for the season.

Market Prices

Winter is considered a generally good time to buy a home because there are more residences on the market that are less expensive. This may be due to snowfall, ice storms, harsh winds, etc., which can lead to houses having issues during the winter months.

However, when selling your home this season, it's important that you have it inspected for any problems so that buyers know vulnerable parts of the house. Winter could lead to issues such as roof damage, frozen pipes, or water damage. A proper inspection will be in order before you consider selling your home.

Less Competition

You'll find that it's easier to make offers on homes with less competition because many buyers are looking at summer abodes right now. Plus, there is often more interest from sellers during this time because they want their property sold before the snow starts to get worse.

Seasonal Difficulties

You'll want to consider any potential changes in your commute if you're looking at properties out of town because the snow may cause it to be more difficult than usual. And if you're selling, you might also need additional time to prepare your home for viewings or will need to keep an eye on the weather to ensure potential buyers can come and go with ease.

Not only that, but the market is generally slower during the winter months. Both buyers and sellers need to be made aware that with the weather being colder, there are fewer people out looking at homes.

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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Winter Fun on Long Island


It's that time of year again. The days are shorter, the temperatures are dropping, and we're already starting to get some winter storm warnings. With winter here on Long Island, it's time to find some fun ways to celebrate this beautiful season! Here are a few ways you can celebrate this year:

Get Your Skates On!

Spend some time with family or friends this year skating to your heart's content! There are so many outdoor and indoor ice skating rinks on Long Island, with most of them offering skate rentals or lessons for your little ones. Weather permitting, you'll find most of these spots open throughout winter and sometimes into early spring! Check out this list of both outdoor and indoor rinks that you can visit.

Sledding Fun

We've got some snow on the way soon, so now is the perfect time to find a sledding spot near you! Your kids will be eager to get out and play in the snowfall, so take a look at this sledding hills list for both Nassau and Suffolk county residents!

Get Outdoors

Get out into nature for some good old-fashioned outdoor fun! Hike up a trail or go fishing. You'll be surprised how much more you enjoy the outdoors when it's cold outside than during other seasons. Whether you plan to have a more advanced adventure or want to bring the kids on an easier walk, there are plenty of winter walking trails to explore on the island.

Or, Stay In

Honestly, it can be hard to get out of the house on very chilly days. That's why Long Island residents can also enjoy winter to the fullest while staying in! From hot chocolate to big blankets, you can appreciate the beauty of the season while staying in and keeping warm at the same time. Sledding can wait until tomorrow!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Snow Predictions for Winter on Long Island 2022


As we head into the rest of winter, many Long Islanders are curious about how much snow this season will bring. Snow may seem fun, but it can also be a hassle to deal with for commuters, homeowners, and business owners. So, we have a predicted breakdown of what Long Island can expect this year moving forward into the rest of winter.

Long Island is Expecting a Cold Start and Warm Finish

According to NY Metro Weather, the general vicinity of New York City and Long Island is expected to have a cold start to winter and then a warmer end. We can see this in how freezing it has been lately — with more snow on its way even this week. Our average snowfall is predicted for this year (about 25 inches), with some prediction numbers maybe being a little lower than usual.

However, even with the forecasts from professional experts in the meteorology field, it’s still difficult to track the exact weather patterns for the season. But, so far, what we’ve seen on the island matches the above predictions pretty well.

So, Should You Be Worried?

Long Island doesn’t have to be nearly as worried as our friends in upstate New York! While, yes, we are expecting a few more strong, snowy days here on the island, no blizzards or worse are projected for this year.

Meteorologists have predicted moderate to strong La Nina conditions, mainly affecting those near the coast. Coastal flooding is something that many Long Island residents are familiar with, even if it isn’t fun to deal with.

Keep an Eye on Forecasts

Weather is ever-changing, and even if it seems like this winter season is going along with current predictions, conditions could change. Whether it be a stronger than average La Nina storm or heavier snowfall than anticipated, always make sure you’re keeping track of the weather and making certain travel is safe.

Stay safe this season, Long Island!

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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Top New Year's Resolutions for 2022


2022 is in full gear, and people are choosing their New Year’s resolutions left and right. So, the statistics are in, and we have the full list of all the top resolutions people are choosing for this year; whether you’re looking for inspiration or are just curious what general goals most people have for 2022, keep reading!

Exercise More

The most popular resolution many seem to have for this year is to be more active and stay on top of exercising. Whether it’s their usual routine or trying something new, we were stuck inside for a good amount of time last year, so now is the time to ensure your body is moving!

Spend More Time With Family

With everything happening lately, it might have been too hard this past year to see your family as often as you would have liked to — at least many people seem to feel this way. This resolution was top of many people’s lists, with the hopes for safe gatherings in 2022 increasing.

Reduce Stress

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed during this time — we’re still in a pandemic! Plus, the start of the new year always feels like a busy period. Now is when to put yourself and your priorities first. This new year is the time to give yourself a break and find new ways to help reduce stress. From meditation to picking up new hobbies, find something that aids you now so that you can practice it this whole new year.

Pay Off Debt

Now is the year to make big strides towards paying off any debt you may have! Whether it’s student loan debt or credit card debt, this year can be the year you take those burdens off your back. It’s a goal that many people have in mind as we go into this new year. And something big that helps is to practice saving money.

Save Money

Are you looking to save more money this 2022? It’s easier than you think! Consider increasing your savings this year. Start small, as simple as depositing ten dollars a week into your savings account. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get into the habit of saving. That way, as the year progresses, if you receive gift money, salary bonuses, or save money on your property taxes, you’ll already be in the habit of saving and can transfer more.

And speaking of saving money on your property taxes, we can help!

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