Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Property Tax Reduction Consultants
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PTRC likes to make a customer’s experience easy to understand. Here are some facts from PTRC to help clear up any questions you may have!

  • Property tax is a taxed based off of your own property. The money goes to the county, town or city you live in. Your tax payments help fund police and fire protection, infrastructure, schools and other amenities your city or town has to offer.
  • The amount of property tax you pay is based off your location. The Department of Assessment determines how much your property can be taxed.
  • If you feel like you should be paying less for your property tax, that’s where PTRC comes in to help. By applying on our website PTRC will determine if you are paying too much for your property tax. If you are paying too much PTRC will use their 23 years of experience and the latest technology to help reduce your property tax.
  • If it is determined your property tax is at the right amount, PTRC will not charge you for any fees and there will be no penalties.
To learn more about what PTRC can do for you and to file for property tax reduction, please visit PTRC at .

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