Friday, April 18, 2014

Suffolk County Homeowners - File for Grievance Today!

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Let the countdown begin! Do you want to save money? Attention all homeowners, you have 31 days left from today to file a grievance in Suffolk County and save money on your taxes! If you’re wondering why you should file a grievance, well you may have a great opportunity at lowering your property taxes and saving money. In other words, MORE money in your pocket! Contact our office to find out what we can do to help you challenge your property tax assessment and save thousands!

The grievance deadline for  Suffolk County is May 20th. With 24 years of experience in the field, P.T.R.C., INC.  is devoted to promising that our clients pay the lowest property tax obligated by the law! We have assisted over 150,000 homeowners and still counting! Let us help you save money.

To learn more about Property Tax Reduction Consultants, give us a call today at 631-484-0654 or visit us online at

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