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FAQ's Answered

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Do you ever feel like you're overpaying on your property taxes? P.T.R.C. is dedicated to assuring all of our clients pay the lowest possible property taxes as required by law. 

Below we have answered a couple of Frequently Asked Questions by homeowners. If you have any questions you need answered, contact us today! We would be more than happy to assist you.

Q: How is my property tax determined?
A: Depending on where you live, the places that your tax money goes to differs. Nassau County’s taxing jurisdictions range in size from the county to everything that the county offers. For example, there are libraries, local school districts, cities and villages.  There are some cities and/or villages that have their own tax rolls which are prepared by the Department of Assessment. Village or city purposed and school purposes taxes are billed separately. However, the rest of the tax rates are added together and then multiplied by the assessment of your property. That assessment is equal to your property tax which includes tax for the county, town and special district purposes.

Q: Should I challenge my assessment if I own a private home and think the market value estimate is too high?
A: Yes. The houses around you in your neighborhood will help you determine what an accurate price range would be if you were to put your house up for sale.

Q: What if I own investment or a business property?
A: If you were to file a grievance, it must be an owner occupied 1,2, or 3 family home and you must live in it when seeking for relief.

Q: When is filing time?
A: Nassau - Jan 1st - March 3rd, 2014; Suffolk - May 3rd - May 20th, 2014

Q: Can I apply on my own?
A:  Yes. In several cases, there are homeowners that are unsure of what specific information is necessary when representing themselves for a property hearing. In order to fix that problem, PTRC’s experience and highest technology will provide you with everything you need.

Q: Who may sign the application form?
A: The owner, other applicant-taxpayer, or a representative who has the applicant’s written authorization.

Q: What if my request is turned down?
A: If your request is turned down, your property taxes will be unaffected and there are absolutely no penalties the following year if you choose to file again.

Do you have any questions about property tax reduction? Contact us today by calling 516-484-0654 or visit us online at

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