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Important Information for Nassau County Property Owners

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Attention all Nassau County property owners! Do you have questions about your property's taxes and assessments or what you can do moving forward if you don't agree with your current tax bill? If so, you've come to the right place - below, with help from, we're covering a few frequently asked questions that we think will help you.

Question 1: Where can you go to find your property's assessment?
Answer: Getting this information is simple - it's available on the Department of Assessment's website.

Question 2: How often are properties assessed?
Answer: A property assessment takes place each year. According to Nassau County's website, new tentative assessments are typically published on the first business day in January.

Question 3: When do the new assessments affect the tax bills?
Answer: The assessments that are announced in January will become final on the first business day in April in the following year. These assessments are also used for the school tax bills that come out in October of that year, as well as for the general tax bills that are distributed in January of the next year.

Question 4: What factors affect how much you pay?
Answer: There are a few factors that go into your tax bills. First, there's the tax class - this determines which rates will be applied to your property's taxable assessed value. Then, the budgets that are put in place by your town, school district, special districts, and the County are all considered as well.

Question 5: If a notice is not received, is it okay to assume that my assessment remains the same?
Answer: No - truth is, almost all assessments will change year over year. If you do not receive anything, it is recommended that you look up your assessment every January or February, which can be done here. Remember, if you fail to receive a notice it does not extend your time to file for an appeal, so you should always do some research on your own.

Question 6: What happens if I live in an incorporated village?
Answer: Incorporated villages are usually treated a bit differently, and the villages typically determine their own assessments for village taxes. That said, the best person to contact for more information would be your village assessor or clerk.

Question 7: Can you fight your property taxes?
Answer: Yes! And the team here at P.T.R.C Inc. wants to help you do so!

The grievance deadline for Nassau County property owners is March 1, 2017, so if you're looking to challenge your property taxes, it's time to send in your application! Once you submit an application to us we'll take care of the rest on your behalf, and since we only charge a fee for successful cases, if your case is not successful, you have nothing to lose!

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