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Tackle Your Tax Reductions With P.T.R.C. Inc.

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Though football season may officially be over, we thought it would still be fun to tell you how you can TACKLE your tax reductions with us at P.T.R.C. Inc.

Now it might not be the same thing as trying to tackle Saquon Barkley, but your property taxes are big and we want to take them down. But instead of size and strength, we use our experience and knowledge of the Long Island property tax field to outsmart those pesky taxes.

Here's how we can help»

Step 1: You file a grievance on our website! 
Step 2: We take your appeal to the Board of Assessment Review in Suffolk, or the Assessment Review Commission in Nassau. 
Step 3: If we're denied here, we will take your case to the Small Claims Assessment Review where we have been extremely successful. 
Step 4: We will handle all of the details during the review process so you can sit back and relax. But we must warn you, this is not an overnight process which is why you NEED to file now! 
Step 5: You will receive your reduction in the form of an adjusted tax bill or in a refund check. Sometimes they will even do a little bit of both. But regardless, these taxes need to be tackled! 

We have been helping clients in the Long Island area for almost 30 years and during that time we have secured MILLIONS of dollars in reductions. Our experience and our relationships in the industry make us the can't miss service for the tax season. And wait, we haven't even told you the best part yet... 

We ONLY get paid if you receive a reduction. If you are denied for whatever reason, there will be no fee or obligation attached to you. What this also does is it ensures that our team is going to work their absolute hardest throughout the process to get you the best reduction possible. If they don't, nobody saves and nobody gets paid. 

Tackling your tax reductions is just like tackling Mr. Saquon Barkley. Sometimes you need some help! We have been helping clients in Nassau and Suffolk County for over a quarter-century and we are not stopping anytime soon. The deadline to file is quickly approaching and we don't want you to fall behind. 

If you have any questions, please call 516/631-484-0654 or email us at! 

*This blog has been updated 2/6/19

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