Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Suffolk County History Lesson

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Suffolk County History| Suffolk County Tax Reductions

Suffolk County and Nassau County could both be their own states if you went by population alone. This island is home to millions of New Yorkers, each with their own story. But do you know the story of the county that you call home? Here is how Suffolk County came to be»
  • Did you know that Suffolk County is roughly 1,000 square miles and it actually makes up 2/3 of Long Island? 
  • Did you know that even though Suffolk County is geographically bigger, it has significantly less citizens? 
  • We all know Long Island is not very wide, but did you know Suffolk County is only 26 miles wide at its widest point? From sound to shore only 26 miles-- wow!
  • The first humans to inhabit the Long Island are were the Algonquins roughly 10,000 years ago! In the 17th century, the Dutch arrived and claimed the land as their own. There were roughly 6,000 Native Americans here at that time. 
  • In the 1670's, The Duke of York appointed Thomas Dongan to be the governor. He established Suffolk County as one of the 12 original counties in the Province of New York. 
  • During the Revolutionary War Era, colonists who fought for the rebels would use the north shore of Suffolk County to transmit messages to Connecticut. On a clear day, you can see the coast of Connecticut relatively easily. 
  • The University of Stony Brook opened in 1962 and that solidified Suffolk County as a true destination for families and scholars alike. 
  • Today Suffolk County is home to 1.4 million residents and we are all proud Long Islanders! Suffolk is somewhat peaceful compared to Nassau County which has a more tightly packed, city-feel to it. 
Somewhere along the line property taxes started to make living on Long Island much more difficult. We want to relieve that burden as much as we can by giving you an opportunity to reduce your property taxes with P.T.R.C. Inc. 

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