Monday, January 22, 2018

Why NOW is the Time to File a Grievance

An inaccurate property tax assessment can cost property owners thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary tax payments. If you realize that your property tax bill is too high, it is important to take action right away. The longer you wait, the more money you will be forced to pay out unnecessarily and the more difficult it will be to have the error corrected. If you believe you are being charged too much in property taxes, you should begin doing research to prove it and making preparations to have the state county, or local government lower it. You can also call Property Tax Reduction Consultants.

A Complex Process

Proving your property taxes are too high can be a complex process. It requires gathering information about the square footage, number of rooms, unique amenities, property values and tax bills of properties in your neighborhood that are similar in size to your own. You will also need photographs and documentation to prove that your property should be valued at less than some of the other nearby properties. You will then have to file a grievance, schedule a meeting with the tax assessor's office, present the information you have gathered and attempt to convince them to rule in your favor.

Consider Getting Professional Help

Gathering the information you need and filing and winning a grievance with the tax assessor's office can be challenging. Many property owners find they have a better chance of success if they have the help of an experienced professional that's familiar with the process. Some property owners hire attorneys to handle the process for them. At Property Tax Reduction Consultants they specialize in challenging inaccurate property tax assessments. They have a staff of well-trained, highly qualified tax professionals that handle tax grievances every day and are very familiar with the process.

Take Action Now

Whether you decide to file the tax grievance yourself or enlist the help of an attorney or Property Tax Reduction Consultants, it's essential to take action right away. Property owners have a limited amount of time after they receive their property tax bill to challenge it by filing a grievance. The amount of time one has to challenge the tax bill can range between 30 and 120 days depending on state, local and county laws. Plus, the process can be time consuming. Failure to file on time will cause you grievance to be automatically rejected.

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