Thursday, May 6, 2021

New Ways To Surprise Mom For Mother’s Day


Mother's Day is around the corner, and whether or not you have your gift yet, some simple surprises for your wonderful mom can go a long way. We all know how much our moms do for us and how they're always there when we need them most! Surprise her this year with one of these thoughtful presents:

Breakfast in Bed

Nothing says good morning like breakfast in bed! Show mom some special appreciation first thing in the morning on Mother's Day-- you'll surely surprise her! Whip up some of her favorites and add a bouquet of flowers or two for a little extra love.

Flower Delivery

Have a super-secret flower delivery get sent to her when she least expects it. No matter if she's at work or home, she'll love to receive some of her favorite flora this Sunday. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant- simply pick out something that speaks to her style or favorite color. Just be sure you keep it a secret so she can be extra surprised!

D.I.Y. Gifts

From handmade cards to handcrafted picture frames, painted and designed by you, you're sure to surprise mom with some D.I.Y. gifts. A lot of heart goes into presents you make by hand, so show your mother just how much love you have for her this weekend.

Gardening Fun

For moms who love their gardens: give them a garden of their own! Even if she doesn't currently have one, offer to help plant it. She'll love it when she sees how much better fresh veggies taste from the soil that is hand-grown rather than grocery store-bought. It could be a great little project to take on this upcoming weekend.

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