Monday, June 19, 2017

The Best Summer Activities for Long Islanders

Summer 2017 officially kicks off on Wednesday and we are super excited. The long tax season is over and we hope you have some extra property tax money set aside for fun! Here are some great things to check out in the area this Summer»

Long Island- Summer Activities

Tobay/Long Beach 
Long islanders love the beach, but sometimes Jones Beach can get a little crowded. For that reason, there are beaches that are off limits to non-residents of the Town of Hempstead or Oyster Bay. These beaches tend to have a fee associated with parking, and for Long Beach, you can buy a seasons pass if you know a resident. These beaches are much more quaint and they also have  quality food and refreshment options. Best bet for Long Island residents!
This food festival has become a hit among millennials and young families. The festival takes place during the summer months on weekends and it features food from the best food trucks across America. Our personal favorite is the Ramen Burger. It brings you back to the Ramen college days, but with the twist of a juicy cheeseburger in between Ramen-made buns. We really can't do the taste justice on here, you'll have to check it out for yourself! 
Jones Beach Theater
The Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater has been a staple of Long Island fun for over forty years now and this Summer lineup is fantastic. here are some of our favorite shows of the Summer: 
  • Dierks Bentley, June 23rd 
  • James Taylor, July 7th 
  • Lady Antebellum, July 14th 
  • Rod Stewart, July 18th 
  • Kings of Leon, August 1st 
  • Goo Goo Dolls, August 13th 
  • Jimmy Buffet, August 15th 
  • John Mayer, August 23rd 
Citi Field 
The New York Metropolitan's haven't had the season many thought they would, but it is too early to give up! We have the Summer to try and get back in the N.L East race and the Mets need your support. Every Friday throughout the Summer is a Free Shirt Friday where the first 15,000 fans receive a free shirt. Saturdays feature firework shows and Sundays are for families! There are great gifts and great times to be had at the ballpark. 

Please feel free to share your Summer photos with us on Facebook! 

When the fall rolls around, be sure to check back in with P.T.R.C. Inc. for next years tax season. We have secured MILLIONS of dollars in reductions over the years and we want you to get in on all the fun. 

If you have any questions, call 516/631-484-0654 or email!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How to Build a Fire Pit in Your Long Island Backyard

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Why did you move out to the suburbs in the first place? It was for that extra space to customize and make your property as enjoyable as it possibly could be. In Nassau County especially, land is not plentiful, but we have become great at making the most out of the space we do have. You only need a small hole to make this fireplace a reality and it will really add a new element to those summer nights!
fire pit- property upgrades

What You Need 

  • Concrete Wall Stones 
  • Cap Stones
  • Sand 
  • Shovel 
  • Tape Measure 
  • Level 
  • Tamper 
  • Steel Rake

fire pit- property upgrades


  • Fire pits usually tend to be about 40 inches in diameter. Measure this out and buy enough pavers to cover that diameter. 
  • Once you have your pavers laid out in that diameter, dig a 12-inch hole in that location and pour sand inside. Tamper the sand so that it is level in the hole. 
  • Begin laying your wall stones on top of the pavers. It is very important that you leave some cracks in between the stones so that air can breathe to and from the flames. 
  • Once you have stacked your wall stones around the perimeter, 12 inches above the hole, you are almost ready to get started! 
  • Pour another layer of sand into the pit so that it covers the first layer of wall stones.
  • Buy 4-6 Adirondack Chairs or decorative seating arrangements and place them at least a foot back from the pit. 
  • You are ready to enjoy! 
Write to us on Facebook and let us know how you're going to be celebrating Summer! We look forward to the best time of year and we are ready to get started on taxes once the Fall rolls around! 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Best Ways to Spend Your Property Tax Reductions

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Now that tax reduction season is over, our employees and management staff are taking some time to travel and enjoy themselves. This is a popular time of year to take vacations and get the summer off to a nice start, but that isn't the only way to spend tax refunds. Here are three great ways to use that extra money you received by filing with P.T.R.C. Inc

Summer Vacation | Tax Reductions

It's not a coincidence that tax season comes right before vacation time as our government wants to get people out and traveling. Vacations have always been a popular way to spend tax reductions and there are plenty of great places to go this year. If it was a big reduction year for you, you can splurge and go on one of these amazing vacations: 
  • Orlando, Florida 
  • Grand Canyon, Arizona 
  • Maui, Hawaii 
  • Las Vegas, Nevada 
  • Los Angeles, California
Home Improvement 
Home improvement work needs to be looked at as an investment. If you decide to add an extension or dormer, that is going to raise your taxes, but the return value on your home might be worth it. Studies from realtors show that renovating a kitchen or bathroom is the best 'bang for your buck.' You can't completely rip and re-do a bathroom for around 6-10 thousand dollars if you are a budget conscious. But realtors say that a new bathroom is most likely going to make your home sell faster and for closer to your asking price! 
College Savings
It can be hard to think of savings when you receive a tax refund check, but the best homeowners are always finding ways to save! If your friends at P.T.R.C. Inc. got you a nice little refund check this season, why not set some aside for your children's future. Ask anyone who has put kids through college and they'll tell you they wished they saved a little more early on. If you are forced to play catch up during their tenure, or if they have to accrue debt, it won't be good for their post-college financial situation. Every dollar helps! 

We aren't party planners or travel agents, but we sure can get you the most returns from your property taxes. We have been in this business for over 27 years and we have secured millions of dollars for our clients! 

If you have any questions about filing a tax grievance, call 516/631-484-0654 or email

Friday, May 26, 2017

Last Second Reminders for the 2017 Air Show

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The Jones Beach Air Show has been a Long Island tradition for almost 15 years now. Pilots show us their tricks and we watch in awe as these massive planes fly at speeds we can only imagine. It has become a staple of Memorial Day Weekend here on Long Island and we are excited to see what kind of show they put on. Fly on Thunderbirds»

Memorial Day Weekend- Jones Beach Air Show

Parking/ Admission Information 
  • Parking is $10 and Admission is FREE 
  • Parking lots tend to fill up around 11AM- Be early! 
  • In past years, people have been turned away because parking lots were simply overfilled. 
  • Practice Session begins today at NOON! 
Bags, Backpacks and Coolers 
Bags, backpacks, coolers and items of this nature ARE PERMITTED for this years air show. Keep in mind, they will be thoroughly searched by security and you wouldn't want to ruin a great day by pushing the limits. We would HIGHLY recommend bringing your own chair or blanket to sit on because there is very little seating at the beach. One pro tip we will offer is that less is more. Obviously you want to keep food and drink costs down, but carrying too much is also going to make movement difficult in the crowded park. A chair is a must though!
Bring Your Ear Plugs 
For younger viewers like your children, the sound of these massive jets can be overwhelming. Even some adults will bring earmuffs to at least control the sound a little bit. They won't be Sonic Booming, but if you aren't ready, they can sneak up on you.
No Pets Allowed
There will be Hornets at this year's show, but they are the only animals allowed. Not the stinging bees, but the F-14 Hornets we mean! Your pets wouldn't want to see a show like this anyway, so if they aren't medically approved, just leave them at home!

Share your photos from the event with us on our Facebook page!

If you have any questions about how you can save on property taxes next season, call P.T.R.C. Inc. at 516/631-484-0654 or email   

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

4 Public Beaches to Check Out in Suffolk County

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Long Island Activities | Suffolk County Beaches

Keep calm Long Island, Memorial Day Weekend is only a few short days away. A lot of people are going to flock to the east end this weekend, so we wanted to give you some more secluded spots to check out. Enjoy your fun in the sun-- and some clouds :(!

East Hampton Main Beach 
Ocean Ave 
East Hampton, NY 11937
  • You need a permit to access this beach, but they are cheap to acquire and it is a relatively simple process. 
  • Because of the distance to the city and relatively hidden location of this beach, it is rather secluded for a Long Island beach. You'll still won't to show up early though! 
  • Parking is right up against the beach so there will be no long hauls for you and your family. 
  • Have a great Memorial Day in East Hampton! 
Cooper's Beach 
268 Meadow Ln 
Southampton, NY 11968
  • Parking costs at Cooper's are not going to be cheap, but it is a great place to spend an entire weekend this Summer. 
  • If you're a surfer and adventurous type, the waves at Cooper's are sure to impress you. 
  • Chair rentals, umbrella rentals and fresh showers are available and a club house that provides one of the best lunches you will ever have. 
Cupsogue Beach Hut 
906 Dune Rd 
Westhampton Beach, NY 11978
  • If you are a wildlife lover, sometimes the harbor seals will come here to feed and it is amazing to watch! 
  • Relatively cheap parking and good rental prices make the Beach Hut the perfect spot for all of you east enders. 
  • Food, drinks, live music and a great time are available every Summer weekend and it is a great place to go for a night out! 
Robert Moses State Park
600 Robert Moses State Pkwy
Babylon, NY 11702
  • The $10 Entrance Fee is nothing compared to the fun you are going to have at Robert Moses. 
  • It's almost smack dab in the middle of the island, which makes it more accessible for our Nassau County friends. 
  • It isn't as crowded as Jones Beach and it provides a lot of the same amenities.
  • Robert Moses officially opens on Memorial Day Weekend! 
Enjoy your holiday weekend and the beginning of your Summer! While you are enjoying some fun and the sun, remember how luck you are to live on a place like Long Island. But also remember, this lifestyle comes with a price and sometimes that price is TOO high! 

For property tax reductions on Long Island, call P.T.R.C. Inc. at 516/631-484-0654 or email!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

P.T.R.C. Inc. Talks Yankees & Mets

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The MLB season is still only a few weeks old but we are already starting to see our hometown teams trending in different directions. Surprisingly, the New York Mets have been the more prominent team the last two seasons, but order seems to have been restored in 2017. The Yankees are one of the best teams in the MLB and the Mets can't seem to get out of their own way. Let's see if they can turn it around and give us Long Islanders another fun summer at Citi Field. Here is a brief roundup to get you caught up»

The New York Yankees 
The Yankees have had just about everything go right for them to this point in the season. They are in first place in the A.L East at 23-13 and their home record of 13-6 ties them for the most home wins in the league. They have been carried by the spectacular clutch hitting of Aaron Judge, their young yet massive right fielder. They have also seen some of their veterans turning back the clock to produce early in the season. C.C Sabathia has been brilliant and Chase Headley returned from an awful 2016 season to be one of the leaders on this very young team. Have you gotten out to see the Bronx Bombers yet this season? If not, here is their upcoming schedule»

The New York Mets 
Murphy's Law certainly applies to this years New York Mets. What can go wrong, has gone wrong and they can't seem to dig their way out of the hole. They have lost Noah Syndegaard, Yoenis Cespedes, Travis D'arnaud, Lucas Duda, Steven Matz, Matt Harvey. Asdrubal Cabrera and Seth Lugo all for a significant amount of time at one point this season. The only bright spot on the team has been young center fielder Michael Conforto who some experts said might not even make the team this season. The Mets are currently 16-22 and looking for anything to get them started again. Here is a look at their upcoming schedule» 

Take a break and enjoy yourself this weekend, tax season is over and the sun will be shining. Thank you to all of our clients and employees for making this another successful property tax reduction season!

Monday, May 15, 2017

What to Do If You Missed Out on Property Tax Reductions

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property tax reductions| Long Island Grievance Deadline

The property tax reduction season has ended in Suffolk County and that means it is the end of yet another successful year here on Long Island. Our team is hard at work collecting and analyzing those Suffolk County grievances and we hope you all have a chance to see the results you desire. Here are some things to try if you missed out on tax reductions this year»

Sulk/ Be Mad at Yourself 
There are a variety of different ways to cope with missing out on your property taxes. Some are more acceptable than others and we strongly advise against going into a depressive state. You certainly should have listened to our MANY warnings about the grievance deadline, but there is always next year! We have been in the business for over thirty years and every season we try to get better. Whether that means bringing on new employees or researching new outlets for reductions, we will not let anything get in between us and earning the best possible reductions for our clients.
Budget Tips 
Missing out on tax reductions doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the savings. There are a variety of different ways you can save on utilities throughout the Summer. Here are just a few: 
  • Changing air filters will allow your unit to use 30% less energy during the summer months. 
  • Open windows at night ONLY to naturally lower the temperature in your home. 
  • Placing ice in front of a fan will allow for spot cooling and less air conditioner use. 
  • Brush your teeth in the shower during the Summer to save clean water. 
  • Start a family change jar and save up for a small family vacation at the end of Summer! 
Come Back Strong Next Year 
The only thing we can say to those people who missed out on property tax reductions in Nassau and Suffolk County is... better luck next year! Your property value will be reassessed and whatever that number is has an opportunity to come down with the right help. At Property Tax Reduction Consultants, we are the help you need and over the years, we have been VERY successful in earning reductions here. In fact, we have secured MILLIONS of dollars for our clients and we want you to come get a piece of the pie. 

If you have any questions about the property tax reduction process on Long Island, feel free to call P.T.R.C. Inc. at 516/631-484-0654 or email!

Monday, May 8, 2017

One Week Left to File Suffolk County

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There are only 7 days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes and 604,800 seconds until the Suffolk County tax grievance deadline. If you haven't already filed, this might be the best time to do it. We look forward to hearing from you!  

Quick Reminders 
  • Filing a property tax grievance is absolutely risk-free. If you don't get a reduction during the review period, you will not be charged and we will also leave with nothing. 
  • We get paid based on a percentage of the reduction you earn. No reduction results in no pay for our team. 
  • You can fill out an application on our website today! 
  • The Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) is the next step if you don't earn a reduction right off the bat. There is a $30 Fee to purchase an index number at this level, but it will guarantee your case to be heard. 
  • We will handle ALL the paperwork. 
  • We have been doing this for over THIRTY years and we have earned MILLIONS of dollars in reductions for our clients. 
  • There is no better team on Long Island! 
Suffolk County Deadline 
Suffolk County is a little bit different than Nassau County. We have to manually submit your applications so we will be cutting off the deadline a little earlier than the 16th. Get your applications done today to be safe! 
What To Expect 
The process takes awhile for both Nassau and Suffolk County and filing now will make you eligible for reductions in 2018. Just to clear up any confusion on that. If the review boards grant you a reduction, you can receive the reduction in a number of different ways: 
  • You'll pay your taxes based on the lower assessed value that the courts determined. 
  • A refund check could be issued for the over-payment of taxes.  
  • A partial refund check and a partial adjustment could be issued as well. Think of it as a half and half. 
If you have a question about the property tax grievance process, call 631-484-0654 or email!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Mexican Restaurants to Try on Cinco de Mayo

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It's time for a Fiesta Long Island! Cinco de Mayo is here and it falls on a Friday this year so the party is definitely on. Whether you are going out with a spouse or a group of friends, there are plenty of options for you all across the island. We aren't the Domincan Republic or Cuba, but this island knows how to do Latin American cuisine like the pros!

Maria's Mexican & Latin Cuisine 
211 Smithtown Blvd. Nesconset, New York 
Do you like live music, dancing and a great fiesta? If so, Maria's is going to be your spot on the 5th day of May! They have a delicious authentic Mexican menu including Tapas and Latin American dishes that will make you feel like you're on vacation. If this is going to be a night where you Uber home, they also have a great assortment of drink specials that includes mojitos, margaritas and basically anything with tequila in it! Have a great time!
Del Fuego
St. James- Babylon- Patchogue 
Holy Guacamole! This delicious Tex-Mex destination has three locations all throughout Long Island so you won't have to go very far to celebrate the holiday. Their Happy Hour specials are a can't miss, but get there early, they're going to fill up quick. If you're looking for a dining experience, we would HIGHLY recommend splitting a guacamole to start. It's fresh, delicious and better for you than a giant quesadilla. But if you want the giant quesadilla, it is also amazing and we are NOT going to judge you!
Besito Mexican Restaurant 
Huntington- Roslyn- West Islip
If you're looking for a more quaint dining experience on this holiday, this is the place for you. The service is top notch, the food is unreal and the experience has a very classy feel. If you're looking for something to start you off, try the Queso Fundido and tell us you have tasted something better. Their menu items are certainly not boring and this outside the box thinking earned them Best of Long Island honors. If Cinco de Mayo falls on date night, this is the perfect place to take your special someone.

Here at Property Tax Reduction Consultants, our team is dedicated to getting you the reductions you deserve no matter what day of the year it is. Cinco de Mayo means it is almost the end of Suffolk County property tax season and there is almost no time left to file for grievance!

If you have any questions, call P.T.R.C. Inc. at 631-484-0654 or email for more information. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Suffolk County History Lesson

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Suffolk County History| Suffolk County Tax Reductions

Suffolk County and Nassau County could both be their own states if you went by population alone. This island is home to millions of New Yorkers, each with their own story. But do you know the story of the county that you call home? Here is how Suffolk County came to be»
  • Did you know that Suffolk County is roughly 1,000 square miles and it actually makes up 2/3 of Long Island? 
  • Did you know that even though Suffolk County is geographically bigger, it has significantly less citizens? 
  • We all know Long Island is not very wide, but did you know Suffolk County is only 26 miles wide at its widest point? From sound to shore only 26 miles-- wow!
  • The first humans to inhabit the Long Island are were the Algonquins roughly 10,000 years ago! In the 17th century, the Dutch arrived and claimed the land as their own. There were roughly 6,000 Native Americans here at that time. 
  • In the 1670's, The Duke of York appointed Thomas Dongan to be the governor. He established Suffolk County as one of the 12 original counties in the Province of New York. 
  • During the Revolutionary War Era, colonists who fought for the rebels would use the north shore of Suffolk County to transmit messages to Connecticut. On a clear day, you can see the coast of Connecticut relatively easily. 
  • The University of Stony Brook opened in 1962 and that solidified Suffolk County as a true destination for families and scholars alike. 
  • Today Suffolk County is home to 1.4 million residents and we are all proud Long Islanders! Suffolk is somewhat peaceful compared to Nassau County which has a more tightly packed, city-feel to it. 
Somewhere along the line property taxes started to make living on Long Island much more difficult. We want to relieve that burden as much as we can by giving you an opportunity to reduce your property taxes with P.T.R.C. Inc. 

If you have any questions about the tax grievance process, call us at 631-484-0654 or email for more information!  

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

TWO Weeks Left to File Suffolk County

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Suffolk County Deadline | Property Tax Grievance

It has been a very long and grueling tax season, but your job isn't finished yet. Whether you were happy or sad about your initial returns, there is still opportunity to save for Suffolk County homeowners. Our team is waiting for your application and we can't wait to work with you to achieve the best possible results! 

Benefits of Filing With P.T.R.C. Inc. 
When you choose to file with P.T.R.C. Inc., you are putting your trust in a company with a proven track record. Our team features members that truly care about their clients and they have no reason not to give you their very best. They ONLY get paid if they earn you a reduction-- no reduction equals no pay. This lowers the risk on your end and it makes us that much more motivated to provide top quality service. We have been at it for over 30 years and our relationships in the industry grow stronger each and every tax season. When you work with P.T.R.C. Inc., you're going to sit in first class for the entire ride!
A Lot Can Happen in Two Weeks 
The Suffolk County Deadline is closing in and we don't want you to miss out on your chance to earn a reduction. The weather is getting nicer, the Hampton Beaches are drawing you in and the days all seem to be a little more jam packed. Filing on our website is not going to take long, and we assure you that you aren't going to regret it. There is ZERO risk involved and we have been very successful with the Suffolk County review boards. 
Bolstering the Summer Budget
May is here and school will be out before you know it. If you have a few years of parenting under your belt, you know it would be dumb to not give your kids a plan for the Summer. Get them out of the house and active with Sports Camps, Day Camps and other Summer activities right here on Long Island. Here are some of our favorite day camps for your little ones: 
If you have any questions about the grievance process or what we do here at P.T.R.C. Inc,, please feel free to call 631-484-0654 or email! 

Friday, April 28, 2017

Suffolk County Tax Grievance Overview

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Property Tax| Tax Grievance Deadline

Once this weekend flies by like they all seem to, you'll have only two weeks left to file a tax grievance in Suffolk County. We don't charge ANY fee for filing-- we only get paid if we are successful in earning you a reduction. There is no risk in trying and we have so many client success stories to share from Long Islanders just like you. Here is how the process works» 

Step 1:
Submit your signed application at!
Step 2: P.T.R.C. Inc. will represent you in front of the Board of Assessment Review (BAR) in Suffolk County. We have over 30 years of experience with the members of these review boards. 
Step 3: If we can't earn a reduction here, we will take your application to the Small Claims Assessment Review where we have been VERY successful in the past. 
Step 5: To file at the SCAR level, you'll need to purchase a $30 court filing fee that will guarantee your case is going to be heard. 
Step 6: We will provide a Comparable Market Analysis and the best team of property tax disputers that you are going to find. We will never be under prepared! 
Step 7: Once we have successfully obtained a reduction, you will be compensated in one of the following ways: 
  • The reduction can be seen on your tax bills. You'll pay based on the new assessed value which will be lower than your existing one. 
  • You'll receive a refund check to compensate the extra payments you made on previous property tax values. 
  • The final method is a blend of the previous two. You might receive a refund check and a lowered value just split into two different payment methods. 
We have been in the property tax business for over thirty years. We are already having a very successful run in Nassau County and we want that to continue for our Suffolk County clients. Don't forget to submit your applications this weekend so we can both have a chance to earn some money. Let's do this! 

For more information, call 631-484-0654 or email!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Quick Ways to Combat Spring Allergies

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The Spring is a time for optimism here on Long Island. You have the Summer restaurants and stores opening their doors for the season and before you know it, the beaches will be open for business! This all sounds amazing, but for people with allergies, Spring is one of the most frustrating times of year. For all of our allergy-ridden clients, we want to provide you with some relief»

Allergy Season | Property Tax Reductions

Don't Be Overanxious 
We know you were trapped outside all Winter, but just because there is nice weather outside doesn't mean you should be out all day. The early morning hours are when pollen counts are the highest and windy days tend to affect people with allergies more harshly. Know your body and stay inside on windy days if you know how pollen affects you.
Don't be Stubborn 
Antihistamines do a great job at blocking your bodies response to allergies and you NEED to take them as advised. Some people will start and never finish, or even worse, they never even start in the first place. These medications are not going to correct your allergies, but they'll make them a lot more bearable.
Take Preventative Measures 
It's just like we say with property taxes-- it's better to get it done early! You don't want to wait for an allergy attack to do something about your symptoms. You want to start taking your allergy medicine at least a week or so before the typical allergy season starts for you. By doing this, you'll help your body prepare itself for the pollen and allergens to come!
Go Natural 
There are some natural and herbal methods that will help ward off allergens as well. Studies have shown that a Chinese herbal formula known as Biminne is showing promise as it pertains to allergies. One study said that people taking Biminne five times a day for twelve weeks still felt the benefits a year later! Does that sound like something your coughing and sneezing might be interested in?

Once you have had enough of the coughing and sneezing, get yourself to our website so you can earn a property tax reduction. The deadline in Nassau County has already passed and now we turn our sights to Suffolk. You have less than THREE weeks left to file and we are anxiously awaiting your applications!

For more information, call 631-484-0654 or email!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Five of the Most Famous Long Island Natives

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Long Island is a tight knit community that sticks together through thick and thin. We love to see our own succeed and for such a small area, we have quite the track record when it comes to famous locals. There are singers, actors, athletes, businessmen/businesswomen and a bunch of others that we have to be proud of! These five are some of the most well known Long Island natives»

Billy Joel | Property Tax Grievance

Judd Apatow
Born and raised in Syosset, Apatow became famous in the film industry for his work with Anchorman, The Cable Guy, The 40- year Old Virgin and This is 40-- for the record, those are all very funny movies. He has also worked as a television writer on shows like Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared and Girls. He is one of the most well known comedy writers in the entertainment industry.
Billy Joel
Perhaps the most iconic Long Island native, the Piano Man himself was born and raised in Hicksville during the 1960's. Joel is one of the most decorated recording artists of all time with hits like Piano Man, New York State of Mind, Ballad of Billy the Kid and others which reference his Long Island roots. Billy closed down the Nassau Coliseum in 2013 and Shea Stadium in 2009.
Alec Baldwin 
Alec and his brothers Daniel, Billy and Stephen were born in Amityville and Massapequa during the 1960's. They are well known for their acting work, but Alec rose to stardom for his acting in movies like Pearl Harbor and The Aviator. He has also been seen in T.V Shows like 30 Rock!
Craig Biggio 
Biggio is arguably one of the best players from the modern era of baseball and he played right here at Kings Park High School. Biggio is one of only a hand full of players with 3000 hits and he is soon to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He was a 7 time MLB All Star!
Jim Brown
Brown was born in Georgia, but he was raised on Long Island and attended Manhasset High School. Many know Brown for his outstanding football career, but did you know that he is also considered one of the greatest lacrosse players of all time? He stayed in New York for college at Syracuse University, but he played professionally in Cleveland for 12 seasons.

If you have aspirations to make it big like these stars, you're not going to do it with your property taxes at their current price. You're going to have to lower them to free up some financial space for your future! If you have any questions about the tax grievance process in Suffolk County, call 631-484-0654 or email INFO@PTRC.COM.  

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Suffolk County Deadline is Approaching!

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Nassau County property tax reductions are in the works and our staff is picking away at the numbers to see where they can earn reductions for our clients. With that being said, we are still taking applications for our Suffolk County clients, but you are quickly running out of time. There are only twenty-eight days left to file folks! 

28 Days to File 
There are just four weeks left to file in Suffolk County and now that Easter and Passover have concluded, crunch time has officially arrived. We are already receiving a high number of applications and we are certainly going to have our work cut out for us. Please do yourself a favor and get those applications in sooner rather than later so you can get it out of your hair and onto our desks. We will handle the rest!
Famous Number 28's 
  • Adrian Peterson- Peterson, one of the greatest running backs in NFL History, was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 2007. He has become well known for his ability to bounce back from injury and do things that simply seem non-human. His work ethic resembles that of our P.T.R.C. Inc. staff; relentless and persistent! 
  • Marshall Faulk- Faulk was known for his ability to both run and catch passes. A true dual threat that up until that point, had never been seen before. We like to consider ourselves somewhat of a dual threat. We will get you the reductions you desire and we will provide great customer service all at the same time. We are the total package! 
Grievance Process Overview
  • The first step in the process is submitting your signed application to P.T.R.C. Inc. 
  • In Suffolk County, we will represent you in front of the Board of Assessment Review with your application. 
  • If we are unsuccessful at this stage, it's not going to be a problem. We can then take your application to the Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) where we have earned numerous reductions in the past. 
  • We will prepare all of your information and do a Comparable Market Analysis to use during the appeal process. 
  • We have been in the business for over 27 years and our relationships in the industry help us earn reductions for our clients! 
If you have any questions about the grievance process, we would be more than happy to answer them. For more information, call 631-484-0654 or email Info@PTRC.Com with your concerns. You will get a response back shortly! 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Cleaning Tips from the Pros

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Spring Cleaning| Tax Reductions| Tax Season

Early Spring is tax season, and here at Property Tax Reduction Consultants, we know how hectic these days can be. Your property taxes are in good hands with our experts, but now it is your turn to step up to the plate. You need to get that house of yours in tip top shape so you can enjoy it to the fullest extent come Summer time. Here are some key areas to pay attention to»

One Step At a Time
The most important thing to remember is that pace is the key to success. If you try and get too much done in one day, you'll feel disappointed if you fall short. Set realistic goals for day one, day two and so on and so forth. Doing it this way allows for a deeper clean and you'll have greater satisfaction when the job is complete.
Curtain Call
Curtains are usually the buffer in between outdoor and indoor air throughout your home. This position leaves them vulnerable to dust and debris build up that you need to manage if you want allergen-free air. Cotton curtains can be washed the same way you would wash delicates, but don't forget to take out the hooks!
Deter Pests
Keeping a tidy home is automatically going to lower your risk for pest infestation, but during the Spring you should take it a step further. Get inside of your drawers and wipe them down with disinfectant to get rid of crumbs and eliminate a free meal for the neighborhood pests. This will also give you the opportunity to go in and eliminate the contents of your drawers that are unnecessary.
Deep Clean the Fridge
Take everything out of your fridge to start. Throw away any expired items and separate the leftovers into groups. Once this is complete, remove refrigerator drawers and soak them with soap and warm water in the sink. After they're washed and dried, place them back in and neatly restock the fridge in the groups you have designated.
Change HVAC Filters
Your HVAC system doesn't get much of a break here on Long Island. It goes right from the warming days of March to the cooling days of May, which makes April the perfect month to perform maintenance. Remove the filters from the unit and take them to the hardware store with you. Buy the same exact size filters and install them in your unit for cleaner Spring air!

We keep a pretty tight ship around here, but we are not claiming to be the cleaning experts by any stretch of the imagination. We just wanted to give our clients and readers some tips to help while they wait for their reductions to come in. If you have any property tax questions for us in the meantime, feel free to reach out at 631-484-0654 or email us at!

Monday, April 10, 2017

What Motivates Suffolk County Homeowners to File?

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It's Motivation Monday and our team is feeling extra giddy as the Suffolk County deadline is nearly one month away. It's getting down to crunch time and this is when the hard work we have been putting in is going to really pay off. We only get paid based on the amount of reductions we earn, so you know we are motivated! But what motivates you? 

History of Excellence 
All of the same service we discussed during the Nassau deadline applies here! Our team is dedicated to earning reductions in both counties and their relationships with the different review boards improves our clients chances greatly. Nassau and Suffolk have similar review processes, but they are unique and need to approached with a different plan of attack. We have mastered that plan here at P.T.R.C. Inc. and our team acts it out every single year to earn millions in reductions for our clients. Be sure to fill out an application before the May 16th deadline!
Suffolk Success 
Since 1990, our team has been learning and executing reductions in Suffolk County for thousands of different clients. Whether you save one thousand dollars, or five thousand dollars, we are confident in our ability to get you at least paying less. We do NOT get paid unless you earn a reduction, which motivates us even more to get you the lowest possible rate. We aren't happy unless you are! 
Budget Benefits 
We don't play any favorites. We love Nassau and Suffolk County the same amount, but the Suffolk deadline is definitely a little sweeter. You can file in mid-May when you are preparing your Summer budget and it's exciting to know you'll likely have a little more to work with. That means more time at the wineries, more concerts, baseball games or whatever your heart desires. There is NO cost to file, and we only get paid if you earn a reduction, so what have you got to lose? Fill out an application on our website today! 

If you have any questions about the grievance process, we would be more than happy to help! Just call 631-484-0654 or email us at and one of our friendly customer service representatives will point you in the right direction. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Our Favorite Suffolk County Restaurants

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At Property Tax Reduction Consultants, we help you lower your taxes so you have more money to go out and enjoy yourself. If you want to really, really enjoy yourself, these Suffolk County restaurants are perfect for any occasion»

Ciao Baby
Favorite Item: Rice Balls! 
This family style Italian restaurant is perfect for your Sunday afternoon family get together. They feature a wide array of seafood, poultry, steaks, pastas, pizzas and much more. They feature a delicious weekday lunch special for $12 that has become a hit for business people in the area. Oh, and don't forget ladies night every Thursday!
Vintage Steakhouse
Favorite Item: NY Strip Steak 
This high end steakhouse in St.James is perfect for the milestones in your relationship. With delicious wines and quality steak & seafood to grace your plate, this place is sure to be a hit on your next date night. But be careful, there is a business causal dress code that is strictly enforced.
Argyle Grill and Tavern
Favorite Item: Chicken Cardinal 
This spot has been here on Long Island since the early 1940's, but back then it was known as John's Bar. It later became Stillman's in the early 1990's, where it became famous for it's food, wine and spirits. Once it became Argyle's, the limits were endless for this Babylon treasure.
H20 Seafood & Sushi Grill 
Favorite Item: Tornado Rolls 
Suffolk County is lucky enough to have two H2O locations, one in Smithtown and one in East Islip. They feature a variety of different seafood, steak and sushi items, with sushi being their calling card. We're not kidding about these Tornado Rolls, they are incredible.

Don't have too much fun and forget your property tax grievance applications. The deadline for Suffolk County residents is May 16th, and be careful, because it is closer than it seems. You can fill out your application on our website and call 631-484-0654 or email with any questions. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Property Tax Reduction Tips for Suffolk County

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Taxes on Long Island are well documented and tax reductions have been in the news a lot lately. The Nassau County deadline was pushed back multiple times due to Winter Storm Stella, and a mishap in the application collection process. Now that that is behind us, we look forward to a successful Suffolk County season and the time to file is now! You don't want to miss the May 16th deadline and regret it later on. Here is what you need to know»

Keeping all your ducks in a row is crucial when it comes to property taxes and taxes in general. If the taxes increased or decreased in your area, that is something you should have been informed about. Your property taxes are assessed based on the size and value of your property and the school district that you live in. Make sure you have all the right information and if you feel you're being overcharged compared to your neighbors, there's no harm in filing a grievance!
Be Assertive! 
Playing off of the last tip, if you feel you're being overtaxed, it's your right to say something! The way you speak up is through Property Tax Reduction Consultants and our team can get you the lowest rate allowed by law. Too often people will call us with questions about their property taxes and they later tell us that they have never filed a grievance. Make sure you file this season! 
Ask Questions 
Our team has over thirty years of experience in the Long Island Property Tax game and this experience gives us the ability to answer almost any question you have for us. Feel free to call our customer service team at 631-484-0654 or email and we will get back to you ASAP.
File With the Best
The team at P.T.R.C. Inc. has quite the track record. We don't like to gloat, but our team has secured millions of dollars in reductions over our almost THIRTY years in the business, We have developed relationships with the review boards that are extremely beneficial to our clients. And the best part is, if you don't receive a reduction, there is ZERO cost to you. We only get paid when you get paid. File your grievance with us today!

We are Long Island's premiere property tax reduction service and we are not going to settle until you have the MAXIMUM reduction allowed by law. Call 631-484-0654 with any questions you might have for the team. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

What's Happening Between Now and the Suffolk County Deadline

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Early Spring is one of our favorite times of year here on Long Island. The rush of Nassau County tax season is behind us and the weather is starting to remind us of why we live here in the first place. We didn't sign up for double blizzard winters and temperatures in the twenties and thirties. But there isn't much time t rest! The Suffolk County deadline is approaching and all of these fun events are just going to cause distractions»

NCAA Basketball Championship 
With just FOUR teams remaining in the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, it is time to see who is worthy of the crown. Will it be the perennial powerhouse Tar Heels of North Carolina? Or the Cinderella Gamecocks of South Carolina? Maybe even the Ducks or the Zags? Regardless of who wins the crown, we will all be watching and that is time taken away from tax reductions. Make sure you get your applications in BEFORE the Final Four next weekend.
Easter/ Passover 
Long Island is a very religiously diverse area and this time of year is filled with religious celebration. Whether you celebrate Easter or Passover, there are multiple dates leading up to the big celebration that can eat up a lo of your time. Not to mention, all the actual eating of course! It's easy to get lost in all the preparation so what better time than now to start the Suffolk County reduction process. 
Earth Day 
Our planet is all we have, without it we are nothing, and at Property Tax Reduction Consultants, we celebate the earth 365 days a year. Whether you choose to recycle, plant a tree or clean up the ocean, this is a day to give back to mother nature. 
Mother's Day
The women who brought us into this world deserve much more than one day, but we celebrate them on Sunday, May 14th. Many choose a nice brunch, barbecue or simply family get together, but all moms really want is to get the whole family together. But wouldn't it be nice to get her a nice reduction on her expensive Suffolk County Property Taxes? Fill out her Mother's Day gift here»

If you have any questions about the Suffolk County Grievance Process, our friendly customer service staff would love to help you! Call in your questions at 631-484-0654 or email if you would prefer that method. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The First Full Day of Spring on Long Island!

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Today is the first full day of Spring on Long Island and as we shake off the aftermath of Stella, the grass will start to get greener! The nice weather brings out the best in Long Islanders and we love to see everyone out and about. If you're looking for some great ways to kick off Spring this weekend, try one of these Long Island classics»  

Old Westbury Gardens 
Adults $10 
Seniors $8 
Ages 7-17 $5 
6 and Younger FREE
The Old Westbury Gardens are a Long Island landmark and their beautiful sights and scents have been satisfying patrons for decades. There are running trails for the fitness junkies, rose gardens for the romantics and playgrounds for the young ones. It's a great way to spend a beautiful Spring day on Long Island.
Entry Fee $13 
Is your child an animal lover? If so, White Post Farms is a great place to spend a Saturday exploring. There's a family petting zoo, bird aviary, playgrounds, train rides and all kinds of family entertainment. Whether you have an hour to kill or a whole day to wander, White Post is sure to leave your child smiling. 
Adults $49 
10-11 $44 
7-9 $39 
Have a taste for the wild side? This Adventure Park in Wheatley Heights is good for people of all skill levels and not for those with a fear of heights. There are dozens of treetop trails that range from introductory to advanced and the adventure is waiting for you today!  
Entry Fee $27.99
With over 20 different rides, concessions, carnival games and more, Adventureland has become a staple of fun for kids on Long Island. A new coaster will enter the park this Spring; a caterpillar racer that fits four people to a car and spins 360° while it races down hill. Definitely not for those with a weak stomach. 

If you live in Suffolk County and tax reductions are part of your Spring plans, look no further than the property tax experts at P.T.R.C. Inc. You can fill out an application on our website and we will handle the rest! 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Winter Storm Stella Latest

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A blizzard in March is not very common, perhaps that is why Winter Storm Stella is receiving so much buzz. That, and the fact that she is going to bring nearly two feet of snow and wind gusts of up to 50mph. We wish you and your family a safe snow day and we remind you that there are only FIVE days left to file a tax grievance in Nassau County! 

Monday Evening
  • Snow will begin to develop in the late Monday hours. 
  • It could come in as sleet or freezing rain and turn to snow as the night goes on. 
  • Rates could be high at 1-2 inches per hour.
  • Rates could be as high as 1-4 inches per hour on the North Shore. 
  • Blizzard conditions expected in coastal regions. 
  • Road, railway and air traffic expected to be suspended Tuesday morning. 
  • Gusts of 40-50 mph sporadically throughout the morning. 
Tuesday Evening 
  • Snow moves deeper into the New England area. 
  • Gusty winds will continue, but snow will begin to tamper off. 
  • Light snowfall could continue into Wednesday, but the worst is over! 
Deadline Extension
Nassau County legislators decided to move the deadline for property tax grievances from March 10th to March 17th because of the storm. While shoveling is going to be a pain, the extension could be a blessing in disguise for those of you who took your time on the application. But this will be your last chance. Submit your application today! 

If you have any questions about the tax grievance process, call 516-484-0654 or email for more information.