Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Property Tax Reduction Consultants
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Are you interested in signing an application with Property Tax Reduction Consultants? We sure hope so. Below are a few answers to frequently asked questions we receive about the grievance process. 

If you have any additional questions, please give us a call at 516-484-2565 and experience the difference in working with a team of experts who look forward to speaking with you. 

Q: How long is the grievance process?
A: The grievance process can take up to two years to be complete. They only way to become a homeowner that pays their fair share of property tax is by filing a grievance every year. 

Q: Can they raise my taxes because I filed a grievance?
A: No, your taxes can't be raised due to filing a grievance. Your assessment can only go down or remain the same. Your assessment can't be increased because you filed a grievance. 

Q: When is filing time?
A: Nassau County filing time is January 1st - March 1st, 2014. Suffolk County filing time is May 4th - May 21st. 2014 

Q: "Am I qualified?"
A: Every homeowner is qualified to challenge their assessment. 

Q: Why should I challenge my assessment?
A: If you feel that the municipality has given you a market value that is more than you feel your house is worth in today's market, you should challenge your assessment. 

Q: Do I have to pay the fee to you year after year?
A: No, it's a one time fee. After the first year all subsequent savings are yours. 

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