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10 Best Places to Live on Long Island

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On the search for a new home? Whether you're looking to buy your first home, move to a new home, or are seeking a vacation home, there's no better place to look than Long Island. Between the beaches, the entertainment and the food alone, Long Island has just about everything you need (more reasons on why you should buy a house on Long Island here). 

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Now onto the next big question - where on Long Island should you live? recently released their 2016 Best Places to Live in New York list (which they calculate based on factors such as quality of local schools, housing trends, crime rates and employment statistics), and these Long Island communities landed a spot:

Receiving an A+ overall Niche grade, Kensington is number 1 on the 2016 Best Places to Live in New York list. Located in Nassau County with a population of about 1,116 residents, home values here are high and education levels and income levels have also been reported to be on the higher end of things.

University Gardens is number 2 on's list, also receiving an A+ overall grade. This is a suburb in New York (found in Nassau County) and has about 4,059 residents. On this part of the island, home values are high, rent tends to be more expensive, and unemployment levels are low.

Number 4 on the list is Brookville, NY, which is also located in Nassau County. The schools in this town are definitely something to note - it has an average graduation rate of 96.8% (compared to the national average of 92.2%).

Nassau County's Plandome was ranked number 6 on the top 100 list for New York. 92.5% of people own in Plandome (7.5% rent), and it has a population of 1,430 residents. Similar to those above, this area of the island sees high home values, low unemployment levels, and residents who have high income levels.

With a larger population of 4,495 residents, Searingtown also excels in schools, education rate, and employment. Most residents own in this area as well (a whopping 98.5%), and the schools boast an average graduation rate of 97%.

A suburb in Nassau County, Roslyn Estates has a population of 1,194 residents, and, like those above, received an A+ overall Niche grade. Home values are high here (the median home value is $1,000,001) and the median rent is on the higher side too, coming in at $2,001. 

Number 15 on Niche's list is East Hills, which is located in Nassau County. This has one of the highest populations of the list so far, reporting 7,025 residents. Most people who choose to settle here own their homes (98.3%), and home values have also been reported to be rather high.

We were super excited to see this one make the list, as this is where our business is located! Jericho is number 21 on Niche's list, also boasting an A+ overall grade. With a population of 13,445 residents, Jericho homes have a median value of $667,600, and the town has a 94.8% average graduation rate.

Representing Suffolk County is Lloyd Harbor, number 22 on Niche's list. Lloyd Harbor has a population of 3,684 residents, and has very high home values along with very low unemployment levels. 

Located in Nassau County, Herricks has a population of 4,309 residents and is filled with mostly homeowners - 96.2% people own, while just 3.8% people rent. The median home value in this neighborhood is $568,700, and the median rent is $2,001.

In addition to these, some other Long Island communities that made Niche's list were Muttontown, Sands Point, Old Westbury, Munsey Park, Oyster Bay Cove, Laurel Hollow, Syosset and Garden City!

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