Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Budget-Friendly Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Home

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Regardless of whether you're looking to sell your home soon or not, it's always a good time to make improvements that can increase its value. However, you've probably heard that the best improvements you can make are those done in the bathroom and kitchen, and we know that a complete remodel can be pretty expensive.

But what if we told you that you could increase the value of your home using approaches that are a bit more budget-friendly? It's true! Keep reading to see what we're talking about.

Add a fresh coat of paint.
Cosmetic improvements are some of the easiest and most cost-effective to consider when working on your home. Rooms that are freshly painted with colors that are trending make your home appear to be much more updated - just remember to choose trending colors that would appeal to everyone, such as neutrals.

Update your landscaping.
Installing major landscape lighting or a brand new patio will certainly add value, but there are some other easier solutions that don't cost as much - plants and flowers! It's so important for your home to have great curb appeal, and adding some more color with plants and flowers can do the trick.

Replace your fixtures and appliances.
How efficient are the fixtures and appliances in your home? If you still have ceiling fans and shower heads from when you first moved in, it's probably time for an update. To start, you can look for things like low-flow shower heads. Then, if you have extra room in your budget, you can inquire about energy-efficient appliances - even if you don't update your entire kitchen, having energy-efficient appliances throughout could still make a big difference.

This might sound obvious, but a clean home is going to be a lot more attractive to anyone who sees it - guests or potential buyers alike. So, for example, if you have an unfinished basement that's filled with clutter, clean up your belongings and do a thorough sweep to eliminate dirt and dust. Should you decide to sell, people will be much more impressed if they can actually visualize potential.

See? Although many home improvement projects are quite the expense, there are plenty of opportunities for you to increase your home's value without going over budget - all you have to do is be strategic and look for small opportunities that produce large results!

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