Monday, July 18, 2016

Top 10 Reasons To Buy A House On Long Island

Are you getting ready to start house hunting? With 50 states and tons of cities to choose from throughout the country, it can be hard to figure out where you and your family should settle down. But, we'll make it easy for you - choose Long Island! Aside from the easy access Long Islanders have to one of the greatest cities in the world, there are a number of reasons why this particular destination is so desirable - we've listed 10 of them for you below.

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1. The beaches

It doesn't matter if you choose to live in Nassau or Suffolk County, either way there's bound to be a beach close by. You're probably familiar with big names such as Jones Beach, but even if you aren't located nearby, there are a ton of smaller, local beaches that will quickly become one of your favorite weekend hot spots.

2. The seasons

There's nothing like knowing you'll get to experience all four seasons and the beautiful scenery that comes with each of them. Summers may get hot, and winters may get cold (Long Islanders are certainly no strangers to snow), but the change in weather is something we all appreciate - especially when the leaves change color in the fall.

3. The trails

You don't have to live in the mountains to have access to incredible trails! Between the beaches and parks alone, there are a number of trails that you can check out for walking and/or biking - we bet you'll be impressed with the views too!

4. The wine tasting

Between the Hamptons and the North Fork, there are tons of vineyards that you can visit for a wine tasting. In fact, with so many options for where to go, you can plan several weekend trips and experience something different each time!

5. The shopping

If you're one of those people who absolutely loves to shop 'til you drop, Long Island has plenty of places for you - starting with Roosevelt Field Mall. It's considered one of the biggest shopping malls in New York state and the country, and has everything from clothes to accessories, gadgets, sporting goods and more.

6. The food

No matter what type of cuisine you're looking for, we bet you can find it here on Long Island. For example, if you like seafood, you can find some popular dining spots in waterfront communities, such as Freeport's Nautical Mile. Of course that's not all Long Island has to offer, though - we've got some of the best Italian restaurants, steakhouses, burger joints and more too!

7. The museums

You'd be surprised at how much you can learn just by visiting a few popular Long Island tourist attractions. One of our favorite stops is Sagamore Hill (home to U.S President Theodore Roosevelt), as well as Museum Row, which is where you can find the Cradle of Aviation, the Nassau County Firefighter Museum and Education Center, and the Long Island Children's Museum.

8. The entertainment

Especially in the summer time, you can catch a number of concerts at large venues like Jones Beach or smaller venues like your local park. Both indoor and outdoor concerts are held, and there's an event for nearly every genre of music at some point. For children, there are also amusement parks like Adventureland that offer rides, games, food and more!

9. The transportation

No car? No problem! The Long Island Railroad makes traveling extremely easy for Long Islanders - it'll take you right into New York City or all the way out east! But that's not all Long Island offers - there are also the ferries and easily accessible airports just a short distance away, which makes getting off of the island a piece of cake!

10. The people

Last, but certainly not least, the people are what make Long Island a great place to call home - we've got some of the best you'll find!

And there you have it! If you're looking for a place to find the perfect home for your family, Long Island is the answer. For those of you who already live here, what's your favorite thing about it? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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