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Top 5 Things Every Aspiring Homeowner Should Know

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Earlier this month, we shared five expenses that all aspiring homeowners absolutely need to be aware of to help them figure out how much house they can truly afford. Today, we're taking it a step further to share some more things that all aspiring homeowners should know, even those things that might not necessarily involve budgeting and money - take a look below.

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1. The school district matters.
It doesn't matter if you don't have children and aren't planning to - the school district always matters when it comes to buying a home. That's because if you plan to sell in the future, buyers who do have children are going to be looking for a home in a neighborhood with top-notch schools. As such, not only will your home be more desirable to buyers if it's in a neighborhood with good schools, but it could also cause your property value to go up.

2. Renovations should always be backed by a professional.
This goes without saying both before you buy a home and after. As you're house hunting, make sure that any and all renovations have been done by a professional - especially renovations that include things like electrical work. DIY may be a trend these days, but for your family's safety, you'll want to make sure that any updates to the home were done correctly.

The same goes once you own a home too. If you plan to do any work, always have a professional involved - you can bet that if you sell in the future, just like you, buyers are going to want a home that doesn't pose any safety risks.

3. Knowing building plans is a must.
Most of the time, aspiring homeowners are concerned with one thing and one thing only - the home that they are about to purchase. However, it's also important to be concerned with building plans that the neighborhood may have. For example, you might find a home with a huge piece of property next to it, but who's to say that the property won't soon be taken over by a commercial building? If you don't want to be surprised after moving in, you'll want to look into what plans the neighborhood has for your block and the surrounding areas.

4. Yes, you must read all documents.
Being handed stacks and stacks of paperwork may seem overwhelming, and you might think you can get by just by reviewing the "important parts." Truth is, you need to read it all, especially if you're moving into a community that requires HOA fees or that might have certain rules and regulations you need to follow. Again, just like knowing building plans can help you avoid surprises, so can reading all the documents you are presented with thoroughly.

5. Land surveys can be incredibly helpful.
Although the seller may tell you where the property begins and ends, it isn't enough just to rely on what they say and hope it's true. If you have any questions about the property and boundary lines, your best bet is to have a land survey done before you buy, especially if you know you'll want to make certain updates such as installing a fence later on.

While there is definitely a lot for aspiring homeowners to look into, by taking the time to do a little research, and by spending some more time planning, you can help create a much more pleasant experience for yourself when it comes time to buy.

Are you hoping to purchase a home on Long Island soon? If so, contact the team here at P.T.R.C. Inc. when it comes time to start discussing your property taxes - if you think you're paying too much, we can work with you to try and find reductions!

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