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Nassau County Property Tax Roundup

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Property taxes in Nassau County can be alarming when they pop out of the envelope. If you have been living here for awhile, you know there is a price to pay for the quality of the school systems and the desirable location in which we live. But could that price be unfair? The answer is most likely yes! Check out what you need to know about the Nassau County property tax system»

What is Property Tax Assessment? 
The Department of Assessment is there to assess your property and determine a tax value that is appropriate for you based on the value of your home. Your property taxes go to things like the school budget and local government to fund projects within the community. We all know property taxes are necessary, but there is no reason to pay a rate that your property doesn't warrant.
How Often Is My Property Assessed? 
The Department of Assessment does annual assessments in January. A new assessment is usually done after the New Year's break and your property's value can rise or fall from previous years based on the market.
How Does Nassau Compare to Other Counties?
Nassau County pays some of the highest property tax rates in the entire country. This is due to a number of different factors including: 
  • School Districts 
  • Average Annual Income 
  • High Average Property Value 
How Does an Assessment Affect My Tax Bills?
Your school district and other tax districts set an annual budget that is reliant upon your property taxes. Whatever tax revenue is needed for the district will be divided amongst homeowners based on their assessed property value. People with a higher property value bear more of the load while those with lower values will bear less. This is where a lot of challenges are won. The assessment of a property is often too high and based on that, a homeowner is expected to pay a rate that might be too high for their income. So we say again, if your property taxes SEEM to high, that means they probably are!  

Here at P.T.R.C. Inc., we have been helping Nassau County homeowners reduce their property taxes for decades. Your district might have taken too much, or your property might have been assessed at a rate that was simply too high. Regardless of the situation, we can help you reduce your property taxes if you fill out this application! 

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