Friday, March 3, 2017

Only ONE Week Left to File a Grievance

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Nassau County Deadline- Property Taxes

Hello Nassau County, we have a very important message for you... There is only ONE WEEK left to file a tax grievance and in our industry we call that crunch time. Here's what you need to know» 

The Hectic Work Week
This weekend is absolutely critical for you and your tax reduction opportunity. The Nassau County deadline is March 10th and that means you have this weekend and then FIVE work days until your chance vanishes. We all know how crazy the work week can be with school functions, work, cooking and cleaning-- so let's get these applications done this weekend! Remember, we ONLY charge fr successful cases so there is no reason to not take a chance with P.T.R.C. Inc.  
Lucky Number Seven 
A lot of gamblers and card players refer to the number seven as a 'lucky' number. If you are a believer in superstition, why not get your application in today with SEVEN days left to file? If you really think about it, the right property tax reduction is just as good as winning the slots or a scratch off. It's money you will have that you didn't have before! 
Success Stories 
" I would like to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for the refund check you sent me. I was having sleepless nights thinking about how I was going to pay multiple bills that were due. Being an 86 year old widow, it is hard to find work and you saved the day! Good health anf happiness to you and yours. God Bless." - Ed
How to File
  • Submit your signed application online and wait for confirmation. 
  • For Nassau County Residents, we will submit your application to the Assessment Review Commission (ARC). 
  • If we don't receive the reduction here, we will take the grievance to the Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) and we have been very successful here. 
  • We will handle all the logistics. The market analysis, the paperwork, the phone calls and any other complications that may arise will be handled by our team of experts. When it comes time for a reduction, you will either receive a deduction on your taxes or a refund check for the money you are owed. 
If you're ready to get started, visit our website to access the Nassau County application. If any questions might come to you later, feel free to reach out to our team by calling 516-484-0654 or send an email to Our team is looking forward to helping you save! 

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