Monday, March 27, 2017

What's Happening Between Now and the Suffolk County Deadline

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Early Spring is one of our favorite times of year here on Long Island. The rush of Nassau County tax season is behind us and the weather is starting to remind us of why we live here in the first place. We didn't sign up for double blizzard winters and temperatures in the twenties and thirties. But there isn't much time t rest! The Suffolk County deadline is approaching and all of these fun events are just going to cause distractions»

NCAA Basketball Championship 
With just FOUR teams remaining in the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, it is time to see who is worthy of the crown. Will it be the perennial powerhouse Tar Heels of North Carolina? Or the Cinderella Gamecocks of South Carolina? Maybe even the Ducks or the Zags? Regardless of who wins the crown, we will all be watching and that is time taken away from tax reductions. Make sure you get your applications in BEFORE the Final Four next weekend.
Easter/ Passover 
Long Island is a very religiously diverse area and this time of year is filled with religious celebration. Whether you celebrate Easter or Passover, there are multiple dates leading up to the big celebration that can eat up a lo of your time. Not to mention, all the actual eating of course! It's easy to get lost in all the preparation so what better time than now to start the Suffolk County reduction process. 
Earth Day 
Our planet is all we have, without it we are nothing, and at Property Tax Reduction Consultants, we celebate the earth 365 days a year. Whether you choose to recycle, plant a tree or clean up the ocean, this is a day to give back to mother nature. 
Mother's Day
The women who brought us into this world deserve much more than one day, but we celebrate them on Sunday, May 14th. Many choose a nice brunch, barbecue or simply family get together, but all moms really want is to get the whole family together. But wouldn't it be nice to get her a nice reduction on her expensive Suffolk County Property Taxes? Fill out her Mother's Day gift here»

If you have any questions about the Suffolk County Grievance Process, our friendly customer service staff would love to help you! Call in your questions at 631-484-0654 or email if you would prefer that method. 

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